At The Phoenix Residence, Inc. we host a variety of activities for the individuals we serve, families, employees, and friends of the organization. These activities include parties, picnics, council meetings, and fundraising opportunities.

Through these events we have grown tremendously as a family and look forward to more opportunities in our future. We’d love for you to become a part of the events around our organization as the involvement and support that we receive from those attending our events contributes greatly to the culture that surrounds our organization

On this page you’ll find information on several of the events that we have in our future. Check back often as we’ll update whenever a new event is scheduled. If you have any further questions regarding a specific event. Please feel free to contact the person listed or give us a call and we can connect you with someone who can answer your questions.

Upcoming Events

  • Sun. Mar 01 4:08 PM - Fri. Apr 03 4:08 PM

    Gertens Plant Sale

    Stock up on all your springtime needs with our annual Gertens Plant Sale!

  • Tue. Mar 10 10:00 AM

    ARRM Day at the Capitol

    Rally for your loved ones at this year's ARRM Day at the Capitol!

  • Mon. Jun 08 11:00 AM

    Russ Douglas Phoenix Golf Classic

    Join us this summer for a day of golf, filled with all our favorite activities, like the silent auction, dinner, and story from a Phoenix family. There's something for everyone! 

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