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Finding a Home

Housing Access Coordination

Assists an individual with the process of finding housing and moving from one unlicensed setting to another unlicensed setting in the community. Housing Access Coordination includes contacting landlords or service providers, advocating for individuals, accompanying individuals on tours, obtaining necessary paperwork for applications, completing applications, coordinating the moving process, and other tasks directly related to securing housing where individuals will be successful in their preferred setting.

Relocation Service Coordination (RSC)

A service available for individuals currently living in an eligible institution with a referral from a nursing facility liaison or similar position. Relocation Services assist individuals to gain access to necessary medical, social, vocational, or personal support services necessary to move from the institution to a less restrictive, community-based setting.

Transitional Services

Items, expenses, and related supports necessary for a person to transition from a licensed setting to their own home. This service includes funding for damage deposits, furniture and household supplies, and moving costs.