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Welcome to The Phoenix Residence

Committed to developing person-centered, quality living experiences for adults with disabilities.

Soaring Beyond Possibilities

The Phoenix Residence, Inc (PRI) is a non-profit organization founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1974 by Margaret Ludden, a parent of a son with disabilities. Margaret formed a coalition of parents like her that had grown children with developmental and physical disabilities.

We Need YOUR Help to Keep Our Services Strong  

Due to severe staffing shortages and ongoing changes to Medicaid funding for Direct Support Professionals it’s become critically important to seek other sources of funding to supplement a competitive salary and benefits package for these invaluable members of our care team.

Your gift to help CLOSE THE GAP is smart and will make a real difference in helping us attract and retain quality skilled and caring Direct Support Professionals. You are essential to the ongoing success of The Phoenix Residence in providing quality care and life experiences to our individuals. We need YOUR help. Please consider making a gift today.

Direct Support Professionals are at the heart of carrying out our mission each and every day.

Fundraise for Phoenix!

Looking for more ways to get involved? Visit our new peer-to-peer fundraising site to fundraise for The Phoenix Residence on our behalf! Build your own fundraising page, then ask your friends and family to donate to a cause that means so much to you. Thank you for your support!

Phoenix is Home

Individuals are self directed in all activities of daily living. Supports are individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each person within their home and community. Today, The Phoenix Residence supports individuals with disabilities in a variety of living arrangements in the Twin Cities. Most of our residential homes are located in the east metro area, in Ramsey, Washington and Dakota counties. The Phoenix Residence and its sister corporation, Phoenix Service Corporation, are united in supporting individuals in residential and nonresidential settings helping individuals with disabilities to soar beyond possibilities.

About Us

"I have been working for the Phoenix Residence since we were a 48-bed facility with in-house programs and around-the-clock nursing. We had waiting lists of people who wanted to move into The Phoenix Residence. I was, and still am, proud to be a part of this company—one who has always been focused on creating warm, comfortable homes for the people we serve. When I started in 1983, we were ahead of the game. But as I look back, we still have a long way to go. Once a month, the Green Unit would take all 12 people on the big school bus for a “fun day,”—not exactly the person-centered community involvement that we strive for today. But we sure had fun going bowling, on picnics at the park, or whatever activity we chose for the month. Since 2003, I have been in Staff Development and Training, which I really enjoy. But I must admit, I miss the people; I am a caregiver at heart. This job is rewarding when people who still know my name, come to visit me at the office or ask me “when are you going to come to see me?” I look back now and marvel at the stroke of luck when I opted for the job at Phoenix rather than the office job I could have taken. Thank you to my Phoenix family!"

Pat Callinan

Staff Development Director