Welcome to The Phoenix Residence

The Phoenix Residence, Inc. is committed to developing person-centered, quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities.

Soaring Beyond Possibilities

The Phoenix Residence, Inc (PRI) is a non-profit organization founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1974 by Margaret Ludden, a parent of a son with disabilities. Margaret formed a coalition of parents like her that had grown children with developmental and physical disabilities.

Celebrating 40 Years

2017 marks an important year for The Phoenix Residence—celebrating 40 successful years of providing quality living experiences for those with disabilities. To honor our 40th Anniversary, we’ll be sharing stories of people who have made an impact at The Phoenix Residence. Read about these inspirational stories on the right.

Also a celebration for our 40th year, we created a commemorative video that thanked everyone for their support and all they've done for The Phoenix Residence.

Phoenix is Home

Individuals are self directed in all activities of daily living. Supports are individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each person within their home and community. Today, The Phoenix Residence supports individuals with disabilities in a variety of living arrangements in the Twin Cities. Most of our residential homes are located in the east metro area, in Ramsey, Washington and Dakota counties. The Phoenix Residence and its sister corporation, Phoenix Service Corporation, are united in supporting individuals in residential and nonresidential settings helping individuals with disabilities to soar beyond possibilities.

About Us

"I joined the Severson family over 30 years ago. Wendy was a presence from day one. She loved meeting anyone new, she took you in as a friend the moment she met you, and she always had a smile on her face. As I learn[ed] more about Wendy, it was apparent that she was a focal point in the family and everywhere she went. One could not find a more social, loving or caring individual. All the neighbors loved her. I heard many stories of Wendy riding her bike through the neighborhood to enjoy coffee and conversation with them. I marveled early on at her independence. When she made the move to her new home within The Phoenix Residence, we were thrilled for her! We all went to see this new beautiful home and to meet her new friends and staff family. The moment we walked in the doors, we knew she was meant to be there. She lit up showing us her bedroom, introducing us to her roommates as well as the wonderful people there who care and nurture them both physically and mentally. It wasn’t long after being there, that the excitement of coming home to some family events wasn’t nearly as exciting to her. We were actually getting turned down because she wanted to stay home and do the activities they had planned for that day! That speaks volumes. While you never want to be turned down, it was a great feeling knowing she wanted to be there and was excited to share her time with her closest friends. [This summer] we celebrated Wendy’s 60th birthday with a party at her home with a BBQ. All the staff and friends from the other residences came to celebrate. What a day! It was so much fun to see the love and support for Wendy as well as everyone who is lucky enough to be a part of this group. As a family, it was so emotional and rewarding to see how the staff was so incredibly attentive and ‘there’ for all [the] residents. It means so much knowing your family member is in great care and in a home they love. We can’t thank the staff enough. Thank you for letting me share a few words with you on how important The Phoenix Residence is to our family."

Gail Severson

Family Member