Welcome to The Phoenix Residence

The Phoenix Residence, Inc. is committed to developing person-centered, quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities.

Soaring Beyond Possibilities

The Phoenix Residence, Inc (PRI) is a non-profit organization founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1974 by Margaret Ludden, a parent of a son with disabilities. Margaret formed a coalition of parents like her that had grown children with developmental and physical disabilities.

Celebrating 40 Years

2017 marks an important year for The Phoenix Residence—celebrating 40 successful years of providing quality living experiences for those with disabilities. To honor our 40th Anniversary, we’ll be sharing stories of people who have made an impact at The Phoenix Residence. Read about these inspirational stories on the right.

Phoenix is Home

Individuals are self directed in all activities of daily living. Supports are individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each person within their home and community. Today, The Phoenix Residence supports individuals with disabilities in a variety of living arrangements in the Twin Cities. Most of our residential homes are located in the east metro area, in Ramsey, Washington and Dakota counties. The Phoenix Residence and its sister corporation, Phoenix Service Corporation, are united in supporting individuals in residential and nonresidential settings helping individuals with disabilities to soar beyond possibilities.

About Us

"Our family has been connected with The Phoenix Residence since before the original facility was completed. Our sister Barb was among the first residents. At the time, our parents were tackling the difficult question of what to do with a young adult who wouldn’t be able to care for herself. We’re so grateful they situated her in a place that would evolve into the home she has today. But it’s really the people, not the place, that have had such a wonderful impact on Barb’s quality of life. The staff is committed to what they do – they genuinely enjoy helping people. They’re on top of her physical needs, but they also arrange activities so she stays busy. They take her to the State Fair, community plays and concerts, to shop for clothes or items for her room, or they play Scrabble with her when she’d prefer to stay home. A couple of years ago, when Barb announced she wanted to have a Hawaiian-themed birthday party, the staff picked up leis, brought in her favorite foods, and arranged transportation so her friends from other houses could join. They’ve gotten to know her as an individual, so they pick up on the little things that will make her life better. They often notice, before she does, that she needs something. Now that we’ve moved farther away, it’s a great comfort to know we can rely on Liz (the house’s program director) to fill us in on how Barb’s doing. She is always receptive to our questions and proactively reaches out if there’s anything we need to know about our sister’s health or happiness. We also have regular meetings to set goals and review progress. Liz is a wonderful person and we sincerely appreciate her thoughtful attention. We’re grateful to The Phoenix Residence for all it’s done for Barb over the last 40 years, and we wish the organization continued success."

Tom Deeney

Family Member