Welcome to the Phoenix Residence

The Phoenix Residence, Inc. is committed to developing person-centered quality living experiences for individuals with disabilities.

Soaring Beyond Possibilities

The Phoenix Residence, Inc (PRI) is a non-profit organization founded in St. Paul Minnesota in 1974 by Margaret Ludden a parent of a son with disabilities. Margaret formed a coalition of parents like her that had grown children with developmental and physical disabilities.

Phoenix is Home

Individuals are self directed in all activities of daily living. Supports are individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each person within their home and community.  Today Phoenix supports individuals with disabilities in a variety of living arrangements in the metropolitan area of the twin cities. Most of our residential homes are located in the east metro area, in Ramsey, Washington and Dakota Counties. Phoenix Residence and Phoenix Service Corporation its sister corporation is united in supporting individuals in residential and non residential settings helping individuals with disabilities to soar beyond possibilities.

About Us

"There is no greater work in the world; nothing more rewarding than being of service to people. For over 30 years, I have worked at Phoenix and have loved every minute of it! My life has been enriched by the people I have supported and the people who have partnered with me in doing this great work! It has given purpose to my life and I am eternally grateful."

Darlene Scott

CEO/President of The Phoenix Residence, Inc.