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Phoenix Service Corporation

Phoenix Service Corporation (PSC) is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities to live a life of choice through interdependence, community networks, and their circle of friends. PSC, a nonprofit organization, was incorporated August 28, 1990. We are a team of experienced professionals who specialize in meeting the needs of adults with disabilities; helping gain independence in their home, workplace, and community

Phoenix Service Corporation is licensed as a Class (A) Home Care Agency, a 245 B, Residential Habilitation and Supported Employment provider. PSC has extensive experience in helping individuals to realize their aspirations to live and work in environments of their choice.

PSC provides consultant rehabilitation services, targeted case management, housing access coordination, transitional services, supported employment and independent living skills services for individuals eligible for Medical Assistance and /or Home & Community Based Waivered Services. Whether it is assisting an individual to secure employment or to help with daily living activities, our goal is to provide the tools to promote and sustain independent living. PSC uses a person-centered approach to service coordination. We focus on and involve the client in designing a plan specific to their desires and needs.

Description of Services

Rehabilitation Services: PSC provides consultative rehabilitation services, such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy, designed to improve the physical function of disabled individuals. Therapists make recommendations for equipment, mobility programs, communication systems, etc.

Targeted Case Management: PSC assists individuals in transitioning from institutional settings such as a nursing home or other long term care environments to the community. The services are titled Relocation Service Coordination. A case manager is assigned and assists individuals, desiring to move, with all tasks to help facilitate the move, including securing housing, health care services and other community supports the person may need within their home.

Independent Living Skills: PSC assists individuals with developing and maintaining the skills necessary to maintain their independence in the community. Services may include assistance, training or supervision in the areas of self care, community living, communication skills, or socialization.

Housing Access Coordination: a service available under the Home and Community Based Waiver to assist individuals find housing.

Transitional Services: services are available to assist eligible individuals living in an institutional setting to pay application fees, damage deposits, moving expenses, and to secure the resources they need to move including but not limited to equipment, household items and furniture.

Nurse Consultant Services: agencies contract with PSC to provide the service. We assist agencies in meeting licensing and regulatory requirements related to the provision of health services.

Staff Development: this service is provided as needed to assist agencies in training staff to meet licensing and regulatory requirements.

Supported Employment: services help individuals with a disability secure employment and provide them with any support that they may need to maintain employment.

Consultant Dietician Services: agencies contract with PSC to provide this service. We assist agencies with development of menus, nutritional education, and compliance with regulatory requirements related to nutritional services.

For More Information, Contact Phoenix Service Corporation at:

222 Plato Blvd. E
St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: 651-227-7655