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Phoenix Hosts Margaret’s Dream Social Event

This annual social event brought together Phoenix staff, board members, and new families for an evening of learning, conversation, and relationship building.

Between the laughs and heartfelt stories, everyone who attended Phoenix’s Social Event felt the impact Phoenix is making in the lives of adults with disabilities. Phoenix staff and board members joined  together with new family members at Southview Country Club last week.

With this annual event, we hope to inspire not only family members, but other community members to become supporters of The Phoenix Residence by sharing our story, goals and vision in an intimate setting.

“The work Phoenix does is so important,” said guest speaker Sandra Burrowes, sister of Laurel Bredesen who has lived at our Carver home for 15 years. “They want the people they serve and others with disabilities to have choice in their life like everyone else does … It’s their life and the staff at Phoenix are committed to helping them experience the life they choose.”

She shared many personal stories about her sister. From staff attending her retirement party to one of the Direct Support Professionals (DSP) knowing the right kind of music to play to calm her sister down for a medical appointment.

She closed with this: “My point is this: Laurel is well-loved and cared for. Your loved one is, too. That’s what Phoenix staff do, day in and day out. I am immensely grateful and we feel incredibly blessed by their dedication, their commitment, and their selflessness.”

Throughout the evening, time was also devoted to discussing the workforce crisis and how family members can get involved. To emphasize the importance of the workforce crisis and the critical need of hiring quality DSPs, we shared a video from ANCOR, our national trade association.

Sprinkled throughout the evening were messages from our CEO/ President Darlene Scott, Chairman of the Board of Directors Steve Pfeiffer, and Ted Farrar, one of our individuals at English House.

Farrar shared with the group the positive impact and hope The Phoenix Residence has given him, “All my friends have supported me … Don’t ever give up on your dreams!”

Thank you to everyone who attended that night! If you are interested in joining us at our next Margaret’s Dream Social Event, please contact Jackie Larson at 651-294-7964 or

To see more photos from the Margaret's Dream Social Event 2018, please visit our Facebook page.