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The Phoenix Residence Celebrates 40 Years

The Phoenix Residence celebrated 40 successful years at our 40th Anniversary Party in October.

It all started with a dream—Margaret Ludden, a parent of a son with disabilities, striving for a better life for her son, John. Friends, family and employees of The Phoenix Residence came together on October 15 to celebrate 40 successful years of supporting adults with disabilities.

For many, it was a walk down memory lane as much as it was a celebratory party. “I had a wonderful time…at the celebration,” said Tom Ludden, son of Margaret Ludden. “It was like a family reunion for me.”

In a room filled with balloons, an ice sculpture, and a birthday cake, what attendees remembered most were the stories told and memories recollected. Tears were shed and laugher surfaced during the program as President & CEO Darlene Scott, former family member Tom Ludden, and Board of Directors Chairman Dr. Richard Ivance, all reflected on their time with the organization.

The program concluded with a commemorative video , thanking everyone for their support. “It’s because of you that we’re celebrating 40 years. I can look around the room, and think of all of you and the great impact that you’ve had, the unbelievable sacrifice, and the tremendous effort that you’ve made and provided here at The Phoenix Residence…and for that we are so grateful to you,” Scott recalled in the video. 

Although Margaret is no longer with us, her dreams live on here at The Phoenix Residence, as we continue to grow and provide exceptional service to those just like her son.

Thank you to everyone who has been supported us throughout the years!

40th Anniversary Honorees

This year we’ve had the opportunity honor 40 people who have made a difference here at The Phoenix Residence. This year’s honorees include:

Calhoun Family

CBS Construction Team

Darlene Scott

Dave Douglas

Deeney Family

Diane Berg

Dona Caswell

Douglas Family

Dr. Richard Ivance

Dr. David Rossmiller

Dwyer Family

Ed Gutzmann

Eric Schultz

Foss Family

Jenny Wilhelmy

Joarnt Family

Jody Curl

John & Shirley Myers

John Capetz

John Kuhrmeyer

Jon Colby

Kim Strader

Lippert Family

Liz McCambridge

Louise Davidson

Lynn & Dave Myhr Family

Mary Ann Corbey

Mary Jane Morrison

Mary Jo Bailey

Mary Thirsten

Mike Kelly

Pam Connolly

Pat Callinan

Paul Dwyer

Schmitt Family

Severson Family

Steve Pfeiffer

Tom Ludden

Wally Sherseth