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Sue Foss Making Great Strides

Sue Foss is making great strides during her recovery from bilateral hip replacement surgery.

"Sue Foss should be recognized for the strides she is making during her recovery from bilateral hip replacement surgery.  Before her surgery, Sue was experiencing such pain in her hips and legs (due to subluxed hips) that she had become unable to walk.  Eventually, Sue was unable to bear weight at all and had to move from place to place in a hoyer sling.  With the recommendation of her orthopedic surgeon, Sue had both of her hips replaced this October.  Within a week, Sue was bearing weight again!  Even though bearing weight and taking steps is still scary to Sue, she is overcoming her anxiety every day and is working towards being able to walk again!  This might take some time, but Sue should be recognized for her bravery for undergoing such a major surgery, and the great job she is doing recovering!"