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Resident Spotlight: Greg Spotlight

Our January Resident Spotlight features Greg Robeck

Greg has been making some very positive changes in his life which we would like to recognize at Carver House!

Like many individuals with cerebral palsy contractures, Greg is challenged in his ability to manipulate small items, such as remotes. He really enjoys watching television but has trouble changing channels and controlling the T.V.  Recently we were approached by AbleNet, which is a company specializing in assistive technologies, to trial some of their products in our homes at their expense.  Through this project, they were connected with Greg and they had a particular device they wanted him to try.  Greg began using a "Si-Care,” which is a voice-activated remote control system.  The device allows Greg to have full control of the power, channels, and volume of his television whenever he has the device.  This has allowed Greg independence with his television and he just loves it.  He loves showing off his expertise with his Si-Care and enjoys being able to do as much for himself as possible.  The impact this small piece of technology has made in his live has been extremely remarkable.

Last year, Greg let us know he was interested in going back to school.  Since then, he began tutoring twice a week with his friend Michael.  Greg has stuck to their sessions and the two of them have developed a very close and special relationship.  He also really has developed his skills in math and reading.  He is reading at about a third grade level and has graduated from addition and subtraction to multiplication!  We continue to pursue a volunteer so Greg can take a placement test and begin some evening classes.  Both of these developments have been exceptional accomplishments for Greg and we look forward to helping him achieve his educational goals!