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Resident Spotlight Gail Sherseth

Gail Sherseth resides at The Phoenix Residence at English House. Gail is this month's Resident Spotlight

Gail Sherseth resides at The Phoenix Residence- English House.  Gail utilized respite care services at the original central site for many years and then moved into English in 2002.  Gail attends Midwest Special Services- Ocean and was recently recognized for her years of services that has exceeded 25 years.

Gail’s family is highly involved in her life as well as her housemates.  Her mother has also done sewing and mending for residents company wide. Gail loves to do artwork.  Her pieces have been in several art shows throughout the metro area.  And if asked, Gail would gladly show you her works on the wall at the house.  Gail also likes to “facilitate” all house meetings by making sure everyone has signed in and taking notes.  Gail also likes to be in the know of the schedule, and will add her name on, especially the 2-10’s, but will gladly do a double.

Gail enjoys music, swimming, animals, visitors to her home and vacationing.  Places that Gail enjoys going and has frequented include Milwaukee, WI; Branson, MO; Cable, WI; and the North Shore in MN.  Gail has also gone to Camp Courage and Camp Confidence with her housemates.  Gail is a great map reader and giving directions while on the road.  Gail is a wonderful woman and can always put a smile on your face.  If you ever need anything, you can count on Gail.