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Two Beloved Staff Members Earn Employee of the Month Award

Phoenix recognized longtime employee Mike Kubal and Environmental Services Coordinator Shawn Johnson for September Employee of the Month.

This month, we awarded two hardworking staff members for Employee of the Month.

Mike Kubal

Mike Kubal is well deserving of the Employee of the Month. Mike has worked for Phoenix for 28 years and has been at English for the last 6 years. He is known as the safety man and the grill master of the  house. He is always willing to grill for meals and parties at the house. The folks here look forward to his weekends. He has also been the main driver for one of our folks that goes home on Fridays. When a bus arrives in the morning, he has the whole house yelling ‘Bus is here.’ If you’re lucky enough to be a vendor at English, you will be welcomed into a great conversation with Mike. They all love him and look forward to their stops here. English is lucky to have you as part of the team.

Thanks Mike for all you add to the English team!

Shawn Johnson

I would like to nominate Shawn Johnson for Employee of the Month. Shawn is such a great guy. He always goes above and beyond for our individuals and staff members. Whenever any of us need anything, Shawn is there to help with a cheerful attitude. Even on his days off, he is more than happy to lend a hand. Shawn has a new partner in crime, Mark Pfaff. On Wednesdays when Mark is home, Shawn will go out his way to pick Mark up and take him along for the day. Whether that’s running to Menards, “going to the lake to look at the girls” as Mark describes it, or getting a pop, Shawn is more than happy to spend the day with Mark. Shawn also attends all the Phoenix events and goes on vacations with the individuals. We really enjoy having Shawn around.

Thank you for all that you do Shawn!

Thank you to both of you for your hard work at The Phoenix Residence!