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Two Employees Shine This Month

This month, we recognized two staff members for their outstanding work: one Manager of the Month and one Employee of the Month.

Employee of the Month - Laurie Case

Laurie Case is a valuable team member at Chaparral House. Laurie is innovative, respectful of others, and very creative. Since our activities are so limited during the pandemic, Laurie is always finding new  ideas and outings that also keep the guys safe. For example, this summer the guys spent Monday evenings going to a Back to the 50s Car Show at the Culvers in Eagan. Last week was one of the last Mondays for this event, so Laurie made cards with the individual owners’ car photo on them. Inside was a thank you message with the guys’ names. These cards were given to the owners from inside the vehicle of course! Laurie is kind, nurturing, and Chaparral House would be lost without her. Laurie, thank you for your dedication and hard work! You enrich the lives of all those you encounter.

Manager of the Month - Shelley Peltier

I would like to nominate Shelley Peltier for Manager of the Month. Shelley started training just a few months ago and has caught onto everything very quickly and is doing a fabulous job with all the aspects of her new position. Shelley continues to work on the floor and does extra hours whenever she can to help out the needs of the house. Shelley continues to coordinate outings and activities on a regular basis. She also participates in the Rec Committee and reaches out to include other houses in these events. Phoenix is so lucky to have Shelley; she is off to an amazing start!