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Phoenix Announces Two Outstanding Employees This Month

This month, we awarded two staff members for their outstanding work: one Leader of the Month and one Employee of the Month.

Leader of the Month - Kim Guderjan

I would like to nominate Kim for leader of the month for many, many reasons. Kim treats her residents like they are family. She is there for all of her staff and the residents any time they need something. Kim rarely asks for help, and handles all things related to her job with professionalism and heart. Kim is not in an on-call rotation and continues to support her program without complaining, even when she gets called in the day of her wedding. She is a blessing to have, and Phoenix and I am very lucky to have her on the team! Thank you Kim for all you do!    

Employee of the Month - Obarafo Festus Ajogun

Festus has been such a blessing to have at Douglas House. He joined our team a few months ago and has been nothing short of amazing. Festus constantly offers a helping hand to those around him, both individuals and his coworkers. He is the first to jump in and take on a task, whether being asked to or just noticing that it needs to be done. There was a morning that I had two staff call-ins, leaving Festus at the house until I could get there. I was supposed to be taking one of our gals on an appointment that morning, but I told them when I got to the house that I would need to reschedule it. Festus immediately told me not to and was adamant that he could get all five other individuals up at the home, get them breakfast, and get their medications ready by himself. He offered to do all of this and to stay late for a couple of hours, just so I didn't have to cancel that appointment. What that meant to me and the individual cannot be put into words. This is only one circumstance where Festus has gone above and beyond to help out the house and those who live there. We are so incredibly lucky to have him as part of our Douglas family. Thank you Festus!

Thank you to you both for your dedication and hard work to Phoenix!