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Phoenix Shares Racial Equity and Inclusion Statement

Read our statement on racial equity and our plan of providing a safe workplace free of discrimination. 

A Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

The Phoenix Residence and Phoenix Service Corporation commit to creating and maintaining a workplace and community where all people are treated with dignity and respect. As organizations, we recognize that systematic and institutional racism have opened a wound that has festered over many years. We also recognize that these wounds will not heal without deliberate and at times, difficult work. We commit to the soul searching necessary, individually and organizationally, to address racial and other discrimination, implicit bias and microaggressions where they exist within ourselves, within the Phoenix organizations, and within the communities we serve.

Systemic and institutional racism exist in all systems including governance, housing, health care, education, employment, and socioeconomic status. One systemic disparity in our industry is pay inequity for direct support professionals (DSPs). In collaboration with external organizations, we commit to advocating politically and otherwise for pay equity for these essential employees. We appreciate and honor these professionals for their commitment to the people the Phoenix organizations support. Each of these professionals makes ongoing personal sacrifices to ensure the needs of the people Phoenix serves are met.

As we strive to eradicate racial and other disparities, we will have the courage necessary to have real conversations that call in or call out inequities. To support this effort, our organizations will provide training, education and resources to bring about awareness and change that address racial inequities and inhumane treatment of all human beings. We commit to inclusion through mutual respect and the recognition of dignity and humanity of all people. We recognize that although change takes time, we can recognize inequities and address them in real-time.

The Phoenix organizations function because of the commitment made by every employee and every director in the varied roles we serve that enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Together, we declare our accountability for fulfilling these commitments on behalf of The Phoenix Residence, Phoenix Service Corporation, and the people we serve.