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One Manager Stands Out This Month

Karen Miller, Program Manager at Carver House, received the October Manager of the Month award.

Karen has been an absolute Wonder Woman at Carver. She is definitely finding her niche there – engaging the residents in new activities, completing the sensory room, and not to mention, working her butt off. Karen has put in 180+ hours/pay period for the last couple of months, and not once have I heard a single complaint for her. She steps up to the plate, and even though she may be running on fumes, continues to hit the ball out of the park. With her crazy schedule and continued positive attitude, she continues to lead Carver in a great direction. The pictures of everyone smiling with every weekly report are a true testament to what a gift Karen brings to the house by just being herself. I could go on forever about her dedication, her tenacity, her skill set, and her commitment to Carver House, but I’ll try and keep it short. Karen, Carver would be lost without you, as would I. Continue rocking it so I can keep cheering from the stands!

Thank you for all you do for Phoenix, Karen!