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Newport Residents Visit Duluth!

Recently a group of residents from Newport spent a day taking in the sites in Duluth MN.

 On June 6th the Newport House sent 5 staff and 5 residents to Duluth to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lake Superior!  The outing was planned over several months and only lasted a day, but the residents had a wonderfully good time. 

Their trip started with an early wake-up and a van ride up to their hotel room in Duluth.  Staff members then took them to see the lighthouse and Lake Superior. (One staff even joked he fell off the side and into the lake – much to the delight of the onlooking residents)  They then got on to the scenic Duluth Train and took a tour around the city for an hour and a half in which they enjoyed piazza and a number of amazing views!  After their train ride they headed to Black Bear Casino for slots and a dinner at the buffet.  The residents ate themselves full, enjoyed a few lucrative pulls at the slot machines, and headed back home.