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Phoenix Recognizes Two Managers This Month

Program Manager Niki Novak and Director of Human Resources Ceallaigh Estepp received recognition this month.

This month, we awarded two outstanding managers with our monthly awards.

Leader of the Month - Niki Novak

Niki has been a force to reckon with in all that she juggles to meet the needs for several homes within The Phoenix Residence. In the last year, she trailbrazed a path of success in many homes that needed help with structure and team building in an absence of a manager. She is kindhearted and friendly. Niki always asks and offers help wherever she is present. Often I hear her say, “Yes, absolutely, no problem” in whatever is asked of her. She makes sure the men at Suburban have all their needs met. She answers the numerous calls she receives from Wendy, and has literally offered her the shirt off her back when asked upon. Recently, Wendy and her went out for a day of shopping, subway, etc. Whatever Wendy asked for Niki spontaneously made it happen for her, including the Dollar Store. 

Thank you Niki—the woman of many hats, program manager, program specialist at English, start-up manager at Afton, interim manager in the last year at Howard, Newport, Western, assistant program director, billing assistant, and ILS worker with a few individuals in our community program.  Oh don’t forget, the sounding bridge for anyone who needs some to listen. Thank you Niki for all you do!    

Customer Service of the Month - Ceallaigh Estepp

Ceallaigh is always available to answer my questions. She is knowledgeable and professional in everything she does. Ceallaigh is very focused on her responsibilities to all of the Phoenix employees. You can always count on her. ALWAYS!! Thank you Ceallaigh!

Thank you both for your hard work and leadership to The Phoenix Residence!