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Recognizing Our Exceptional Staff This Month

This month Michelle Tinsley took home Manager of the Month & Alex Eria took home Employee of the Month awards.

Manager of the Month 

Michelle Tinsley - Eric & Suburban Homes

"I would like to recognize Michelle (Evone) for her kindness and assistance over the last several months.  In the last year, she became the manager at both Eric House and Suburban House. She is new to  her leadership role and continues to expand upon this. She has been filling in the gaps in both Eric and Suburban homes as an expectation as a manager. When help was needed at Howard House, she picked up multiple shifts, days, evening, and nights. While at the home, she mentored others in leadership responsibilities while being new to the role herself. It is much appreciated everything you do. Thank you Michelle!"

Employees of the Month

Alex Eria - Drexel House

"This Employee of the Month is a token of our appreciation for your dedication and willingness to jump in and learn the guys of Drexel. We see you, we appreciate you, keep up the good work!"

Emily Shull - Office Manager 

"I’m wanting to recognize Emily for her ongoing help with navigating the various technological challenges at Carver since her hire in August 2021. In case you didn’t know, she’s a natural in this department, and I gather several other areas as well. However, she’s not one to boast or brag!  

Emily is quick to assist and doesn’t judge when I need her to “dumb” it down as it’s not my area of strength. She’s also able to quickly determine who to reach out to with minimal info. Despite all that, she’s had a lot on her plate with planning and orchestrating the move. She took time to assist and follow up to make sure things have been addressed (even after hours). Emily has a “can do” attitude with anything, and I’ve always felt that she makes my concern a priority, despite the millions of other things she may have going on. 

Besides tech support, Emily has been instrumental in rounding up various things from multiple departments during one of my drive-by pick-ups, assisting with making copies and keeping a look out for incoming deliveries, van needs, etc. I cannot tell her enough that I so appreciate her patience and understanding with sometimes needing to wait several hours or a few days with a decision or result dependent on what’s going on within the home. Thank you for managing all those details and with still keeping a cool head and a cheerful tone while doing it all! Here’s to you Emily!"

Thank you for all your hard work here at Phoenix!