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One Manager Stands Out This Month

Kim Guderjan, Program Manager at Chaparral House, received the December Manager of the Month award.

Kim is the “Leader of the Pack,” with her fun-loving gentlemen at the Chaparral House. She is a referee, den mom, coach, you name it she wears the hat. Her fun-loving personality captures the mood and  tone of Chaparral. Things that could blow out of proportion automatically turns the corner with her bubbly giggle and “not a big deal” care-free energy. Her team reflects this in spades as well as the families.  There is always something happening in the home—movie night, going out on the town, talking to the neighbors, etc. Once you know Kim, you are part of the pack, even if the person flies away from the Phoenix Family, Kim keeps in contact. This was very evident at a recent Celebration of Life event hosted last month. Another one of the gentlemen had gone to a TCU for rehabilitation, but he was struggling and so was the facility. With Kim’s knowledge and advocating, he received the support he needed and returned swiftly back to Chaparral.

Kim, we notice you and all you do! Thank you so much!