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Manager Appreciation Week Comes to a Close

We’ll finish out this week with a tribute to our dedicated managers from the North West Group. 

This week we gave thanks to all our managers here at The Phoenix Residence! We are so grateful for each and every one of you!! Thank you for being a part of the Phoenix family! Last but not least, we'd like to recognize the incredible efforts of our North West managers from our Janet Court, Ludden, and Viking homes.

Shawna Zechmeister - Assistant Program Director 

  • Hired 03/13/1995
  • Previously a Program Manager 
  • One of our longest-term employees

“Helping people has always been part of my life growing up. I wanted to be there to see people grow and be something in society. I love my long as they are happy, safe & healthy, I know I’ve done my job. If not, it’s my job to find out why and make it right.

When talking about Diane Joarnt, who lives at Ludden House: “We’ve laughed, we’ve cried together...she’s part of my family. She’s like a sister.”

From Vice President of Community Services Alan Berner: “For close to 30 years, Shawna has been a constant support and advocate for the people she's worked with at Phoenix. As the Assistant Program Director for our Northwest group, she's a constant teacher and support for her management team, filling in where help is most needed and continuing to help develop and build a group of emerging leaders here at Phoenix. The relationships she builds with the people in our homes and her constant drive to help find solutions to the problems people are facing, is one of the great strengths she holds. She has helped lead us through some of our most challenging moments here at Phoenix and we are lucky to have her steady and constant service at the homes she supports.”

Chrishonda Richardson - Janet Court 

  • Hired 6/20/23
  • New to Phoenix

“Everyone [here] is really nice, clients and staff. I actually look forward to work every day! My favorite memory so far is listening to music with the guys!”

From APD Shawna Zechmeister: “Chrishonda is new to the Janet team, [but] she made connections with the residents right away.  Her and Debbie are shopping buddies, and Debbie looks forward to her coming to the house every day.”

Lisa Plaster - Ludden House 

  • Hired 08/31/2020
  • Previously a DSP,  Program Manager, and Regional Program Coordinator

“What I really like [about] working in this field (especially at Ludden) is seeing the individuals grasp things they’ve had on their dream board and making it a reality with the skills they learn.”

From APD Shawna Zechmeister: “Lisa loves spending time with the residents and treats them as individuals.  When the residents are scared, nervous or worried, Lisa is there to help them feel safe.”

Rene Mattson – Ludden House

  • Hired 5/16/23
  • New to Phoenix

“My favorite part of working at the home is all the activities we do together on my weekend. I really enjoy the quality time get to spend with the individuals.”

From APD Shawna Zechmeister: “Rene is a great listener and sees the good in everyone. She finds everyone's strengths and each person's ways of learning new skills.”

Veronica Keys - Viking House 

  • Hired 05/04/2018
  • Previously a House Supervisor

“My favorite thing about working at the house is the individuals. We’ve bonded and there’s a tight closeness. They can’t function with me, and I can’t function without them. Most of my prayers are for them, not myself. The hardest part about it is the death of an individual because it’s hard to let go. But the best parts are their bright faces and their sarcasm when I don’t go in. They are what keep me going.”

From APD Shawna Zechmeister: “Veronica is dependable, and the residents know they can count on her whenever they need her.  Veronica assures that every holiday is celebrated and special for the residents.”

Thank you to all our managers for everything you do!!

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