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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Our Managers

Today we honor our managers from our South East Group. Read on to learn more about them! 

Let's take time today to thank the managers from South East Group—most of whom are new to their managerial role! Thank you to our Assistant Program Director and managers from our Carver, Douglas, and Newport homes!

Shielika Thompson - Assistant Program Director 

  • Started 04/11/2023
  • New to Phoenix

“I truly value the camaraderie of  Phoenix as an organization and the warm welcome I received from the Leadership Team. Getting to know the individuals and their families has been an enjoyable experience. The golf tournament brought up fond memories from my childhood.”

From Vice President of Community Services Alan Berner: “If ever there was a person who embodied the term "hit the ground running," Shielika would be that person. She is the newest member of our Assistant Program Director Team and has immediately made her leadership and presence felt at all of her homes. Her integrity and ability to identify a problem and work toward a quick and complete solution are exceptional. Her desire to learn about our organization and what we can do to improve our services for the people we support was evident the moment she walked in the door. We are so thankful she has joined our team and for the diligent work she is putting in to help us establish systems and approaches, that not only help our managers and staff carry out their work in the most successful manner, but also have a direct and noticeable impact on the people who live in the homes she supports.”

George Winston - Carver House 

  • Started 02/13/2017
  • Previously House Supervisor and DSP

“My favorite memory is arriving or finishing my shift for the day. No matter what resident I support – nonverbal or communicating – they leave me with a smile. That makes me feel like I’ve done all I can to support [them].”

From APD Shielika Thompson: “George is a highly energetic and motivated individual. He really enjoys making connections with the individuals and the families.”

Ashley Sharp – Douglas House 

  • Started 10/12/2016
  • Previously a DSP
  • Started Out as a Volunteer

“My favorite part about working at Douglas is the residents. I’ve been with Phoenix for so long, they are like family to me. I would do anything to keep them happy and healthy!”

From APD Shielika Thompson: “Ashley was a volunteer who fell in love with supporting individuals with disabilities and developed herself to a leadership position. Ashley calls and treats the individuals at Douglas like her family.”

 Zockinna Bell - Douglas House 

  • Started 4/11/23
  • Previously a DSP

“I love working at Douglas because the residents are like my family. They are so sweet and comforting to be around and also I love taking care of people. My favorite memory at Douglas is when the music lady comes on Friday. She was singing a song from The Lion King and Bill sung it so loud word-for-word and Shellie screamed out, “That’s right, Billy!” He had the whole house laughing.”

From APD Shielika Thompson: “Zockinna is a rockstar who joined Phoenix less than 5 months ago. Zockinna is highly motivated and self-driven.”

Nakia Hammond - Newport House 

  • Hired 05/16/2016
  • Previously a DSP and House Supervisor

“My favorite part about working at Newport is bonding with the individuals and staff. Every one of them have a special place in my heart.”

From APD Shielika Thompson: “Nakia has been with Phoenix for 7 years, and during that time she has displayed her leadership skills and continues to seek knowledge. Nakia is very tenacious, driven, and compassionate. She has been the anchor for Newport!”

Jeanne Vandeberg – Newport House 

  • Hired 05/22/2023
  • New to Phoenix

“My favorite part about working at Newport House is getting to know all the individuals and staff.”

From APD Shielika Thompson: “Jeanne is quiet and reserved in her approach. Jeanne is new to Phoenix, but she has a few years in the field and in truly enjoys helping the individuals.”

Thank you for being an outstanding team member here at Phoenix!