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Recognizing Our Exceptional Managers This Week

Today is all about thanking our Program Director and managers from our North Group. 

Help me recognize our Program Director, Assistant Program Director, and managers from our Caswell, Centerville, and English homes.

Kim Phillips - Program Director 

  • Started 08/29/1998
  • Previously a Program Manager and Assistant Program Director

“My favorite part about working at Phoenix is not just being part of a team, but also being a part of a work family! There are so many great memories over the past 30 years. I can’t pick just one. I love my job and will continue to do whatever I can to support the Phoenix philosophy.”

From Vice President of Community Services Alan Berner: “It is hard to put into words the full impact Kim Phillips has on our organization.  She is one of our most veteran leaders here at Phoenix. It is hard to find a more dedicated, focused, or personable leader here at Phoenix. She quickly develops exceptional relationships with everyone she works with and brings people together to effectively complete and address any task at hand. Her ability to really understand people and what they need, and work tirelessly to help ensure they have every tool they need to be successful is what makes her a valuable person to our organization and an exceptional role model to all of the new leaders here at Phoenix. As she moves into our Program Director position, we know we are in great hands with her providing the feedback and support we need as we grow and stabilize our organization. She truly is one in a million, and we are lucky to have someone like her here with us.”

Kim Guderjan – Assistant Program Director & Chaparral House Manager 

  • Started 07/30/2007
  • Previously a DSP and Program Manager

“Over the past decade, I haven't considered this a job. I consider it more as my second family. I love what I do, and the relationships with the individuals and their families are the most important part!”

From Vice President of Community Services Alan Berner: "Kim has been one of our most valued, long-term managers at Chaparral over many years.  Over that time, she has built and supported a tea that is exceptionally invested in helping the four individuals at the house live their best lives. Kim is such an exceptional collaborator working with each individual's team and the staff to ensure each person at Chaparral is getting awesome opportunities to do the things most important to them as well as helping navigate any health challenges they come upon. Kim recently accepted a position as the Assistant Program Director for our North Group, and we're looking forward to her expanded role and the positive support she'll be able to provide these sites while still being connected to her Chaparral crew. Kim, you are such a respected, independent, and positive leader. We are so thankful for you and your service here at Phoenix!”

Ron Soman - Caswell House 

  • Started 07/27/2021
  • Previously a DSP

“My favorite memory is seeing Gwen’s face when I took her to see her family. Even though it was for a funeral, Gwen was so happy to be with her family. She had one of those smiles that made her face glow. I’ve not  been in this position for very long and before that I was the overnight person, so most of my memories are of everyone sleeping or getting them ready for their day.”

From APD Kim Guderjan: “In just a short time taking over as the manager at Caswell, Ron has jumped into the role without skipping a beat. Ron is caring and devoted to the individuals at Caswell and has an amazing connection with his team. Ron is always there to lend a helping hand to others in need and his loyalty shows in all he does. Thank you, Ron, for all you do! We are lucky to have you.”

Sandy Gustafson – Centerville House 

  • Started 01/09/2017
  • Previously DSP

“What I like most about working at Centerville are the staff and the residents. It’s like a big family here. Everybody helps everybody and looks out for each other. It’s just a great home environment, it’s comfortable, and people are happy working here.”

From Program Director Kim Phillips: “Sandy always makes sure Centerville is put together and a beautiful house for the individuals to live in. You will never have to ask twice for the manager paperwork; this is always completed and on time. Thanks for everything you do Sandy!”

Shelley Peltier - English House

  • Started 10/18/1993
  • Previously a DSP and House Supervisor
  • One of our longest-term employees

“My favorite part about working at English is the relationships you make with the individuals.”

From APD Kim Guderjan: “Shelly is amazing at everything she does! She loves the individuals at English House and treats them like family. She is simply THE BEST. Shelly plans exciting events such as Twins games, and family BBQs, just to name a few. There are no words to describe how incredible she is and how lucky English House is to have her. Thank you, Shelly, for everything you do! I cannot express how grateful we are to have you.”

Thank you to you all for helping lead our direct care staff!