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Manager Appreciation Continues All Week Long

We finish recognizing the remaining waiver managers today!

Today, we'll finish recognizing our waiver managers from our Lydia, Suburban, and Western homes.

Marcus Taylor - Lydia House

  • Hired 07/15/2013
  • Previously a DSP and House Supervisor

“The best part about working at Lydia or any of the homes is walking in and seeing the individuals smiling, happy, and living their best life. They’re not letting their circumstances affect them. That makes me have a different perspective on life to always enjoy it, no matter the situation.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Marcus is such a great asset to Phoenix! He makes sure that things are completed, makes sure the individuals are taken care of and happy, and lets them make decisions in their lives. He is willing to jump in wherever he is needed, whether that is helping at other homes, helping other managers, etc.”

Michelle Tinsley - Suburban House

  • Hired 02/16/2015
  • Previously a DSP, House Supervisor, and Program Manager at a different Phoenix home

“The best part about this job is the folks [I work with]. There are times it is challenging, but [I love]  seeing their faces and the smiles that I bring to their lives and how happy I make them feel.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Michelle has many roles here at Phoenix, having helped out at several Phoenix homes! She makes sure that the guys and gals at Suburban are happy, and if they want to do activities, she is helping them get that going! She is a very good advocate for a lot of people at Phoenix! She is also an excellent communicator and follows tasks through to completion.”

From Her Former APD Hilda Momanyi: “Michelle is one of the managers who is very inspirational and gives her team excellent motivation, so that they can achieve [their] goals. You are a mentor to everyone here at Phoenix and we are very lucky to have you. You fight very hard, even when things are tough on your end, and you keep trying, even when things seem impossible. You always want to achieve things that are truly amazing. You are a very strong person and am glad that I met you here at Phoenix, because you have a great inner power like nobody else.”

Tamarra Howell - Western House

  • Hired 05/22/2018
  • Previously a DSP

“My favorite part about working at Western House is enjoying all the residents’ different personalities and being able to enjoy memories and laughter with them all. I also enjoy hearing Jilli say I am so smart 1,000 times a day.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Tamarra is new to her house supervisor role, but she hasn’t missed a beat! She knows what everyone likes at Western, helps with outings, participates in leadership trainings, and is willing to do whatever it takes at Western! She is an advocate for the individuals at Western and has great communication skills!”

Debbie Willis - Western House

  • Hired 05/22/1995
  • One of our longest-term managers

“My favorite part about working at Western House are the clients. [They] are all very special to me in every way. Every day is a little different with each of them; that is what makes it so special being at Western. There is never a dull moment.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Debbie has been with Phoenix for many years, and you can see how much the individuals mean to her! She plans individual outings of their choosing (casino trips, Duluth, many outings in the community), and she has great communication with staff, families, and day programs.”

Thank you to everyone for your hard work & dedication!