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Manager Appreciation Week Begins!

We're featuring all our managers this week. Learn more about our waiver home managers!

Happy Manager Appreciation Week!!

Every year, we take this week to thank our fantastic managers for the excellent work they are doing at Phoenix. To honor them, we're going to feature them all here and on our website throughout the week. If you see your Program Manager or Assistant Program Director this week, please thank them for the wonderful job they are doing leading our staff.

We'll start out with our 4-Bed Waiver Homes. Since this is our largest group, we'll break them into two posts, beginning with their Assistant Program Director (APD) and our managers at our Clinton, Drexel, and Eric's homes. Read more about them below!

Jen Gottschling - Assistant Program Director 

  • Started 06/20/2016
  • Previously a Scheduling Coordinator, Float Manager, and DSP

“I love working at Phoenix because it feels like a family! One of my favorite memories is helping many families and individuals feel comfortable when moving to Phoenix...The relationships I have built through those move-ins were amazing! I also love being able to teach and train new leaders here at Phoenix! I feel like I’ve grown throughout my 7 years at Phoenix. I am so happy and will be a lifetime Phoenix employee.”

From Vice President of Community Services Alan Berner: “Jen continues to evolve in her role here at Phoenix. With stops as a DSP, Program Manager, Scheduling Coordinator, Float Program Manager, and now APD, Jen really has established herself as a leader we rely on at Phoenix. Always willing to jump in and support us with what seems to be an endless supply of positive energy and compassion, Jen has made an exceptional impact on our organization in countless ways. Her absolute love of the people we support and the new people who move into our homes, is something that stands out about Jen.  She's always excited to meet and support the people who live in our homes in a way that recognizes who they are and what is most important to them. You can't help but love our work all the more when you have the opportunity to talk to Jen about it.”

Tanazia Morehead - Clinton House 

  • Started 04/24/2017
  • Previously a DSP

“My favorite part about working with the people I take care of is knowing that I am making a difference in their lives. I’m here for them and [they] know I will always be a support system and a voice for them.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Tanazia doesn't miss a beat at Clinton. She is an advocate for every individual and goes above to make sure that they live their best lives. She makes sure that they all get to appointments, outings of their choosing, and makes sure that they are all happy.”

Patty Caughron - Drexel Court

  • Started 5/9/23
  • New to Phoenix

“I knew I was forgetting something! It is hard to pick a favorite thing about working at Drexel, but honestly it is when any of them smile.  It melts your heart.  Or making them laugh.  If you need something more specific, let me know.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Patty is an advocate for all the guys at Drexel. Since she became the manager, she has jumped in wherever she is needed. Her communication skills with Admin, families, staff, and Bluestone are exceptional! She has taken upon herself to take individuals on individual outings and makes sure that they are happy.”

Eucharia Sike – Eric’s House 

  • Started 12/20/2004
  • Previously a DSP

“I like to organize birthday parties for the ladies, because they are always so excited whenever their birthdays are around the corner. I also love going to the State Fair where they can see different parades.”

From APD Jen Gottschling: “Eucharia is new to the manager role, but she has jumped in on manager duties along with making sure all of the girls are happy and healthy. She is great at jumping in on the floor working hands-on. If there is a task to be done, she completes it in a timely manner and makes sure that the girls at Eric’s are living their best lives. She makes sure that each of the ladies go on the outings they choose and also comes up with in-home activities as well!”

Thank you managers for all you are doing!