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Extraordinary Managers Among Us

Learn more about all the managers who were nominated for Manager of the Year.

Kim Guderjan - Chaparral House

"I would like to nominate my manager Kim from Chaparral House. Kim goes above and beyond at our house. She will cover on the weekends so the clients can get to their special events. Kim means a lot to our clients, and they always want to know what day she is will be back. The answer is always the same: tomorrow. Kim also goes out of her way and will put a meal in the crock pot if she knows we are going to have a busy night. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful manager!"

Shirlena Wilson - Furness House

"I highly recommend my nominee for Manager of The Year Award. She is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true inspiration. Shirlena Wilson is an integral part of our team. She is a consummate professional in all of her administrative duties, and then goes above and beyond her expectations to support our team, our residents, and the Phoenix mission. Shirlena brings strong assets to her role as the Furness Manager and our group is incredibly fortunate to have her as our manager and mentor.

She has demonstrated time and time again that she is dedicated to her role as our manager and has shown the willingness to take on tasks others may not consider doing. She has been a great role model as far as what one should expect to gain as a caregiver at Furness. I believe all that I have mentioned above is why she is very deserving of this award."

Others Nominated (no write-up):

Angie Befort - Howard House

Congratulations to all of our nominees! You are our heroes!