Phoenix Residence Recognizes October Manager of the Month

Program Manager Tashianna Henry is awarded Manager of the Month for October.

A family member called to share some great feedback about Tashianna. Her comments included:

  • Tashianna is a gem!
  • It is a delight that she came into her sisters’ lives.
  • Tashianna coordinated getting them to the Seminary Church service, which must have made their parents smile in heaven!
  • Every time a family member is at the house, all the ladies are engaged, out of bed, and nicely dressed
  • The house has never seemed to run more efficiently.
  • If you hire a manager for another home, they should spend a week with Tashianna to see how it should be done.
  • She is really making headway there.
  • My sister is so happy, she has never really seen her so happy. She is happy that a new chair is on its way!
  • My other sister seems super happy as well, smiling all the time.

Tashianna, thank you! What you are doing has far-reaching effects. Thank you for all you do!