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Phoenix Residence Recognizes November Manager of the Month

The November Manager of the Month goes to Program Manager Dede Muimba.

Dede coordinated a trip for all the ladies at Eric’s House. One of the ladies has a serious medical condition that requires close monitoring  and strict guidelines to keep her healthy. 

This woman’s family felt very comfortable allowing Dede and her team to take their daughter (and the other ladies) on this weekend trip, and in fact, funded the majority of the costs for the trip. But it’s not just about the money. The confidence that they must feel in Dede’s ability to manage the health care of their daughter shows how much Dede has done to build trust in the families of the people we support.  

When their daughter lived at another home, she always wanted to go home to Mom and Dad’s house and never wanted to go back to her own home. Now, when her family brings her back to Eric’s House from an overnight visit, she runs into the house.  She knows her home is hers and is very comfortable there. 

Thank you Dede for helping her make Eric’s House her home!