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One Manager Stands Out This Month

This month, our newest manager from Ludden House shines. 

Manager of the Month - Lisa Plaster

Lisa, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication at Ludden House. You jumped into the position of being the Program Manager at Ludden and there has never been in a pause in your step. You have been creating a safe environment for the individuals and showing the team how to support the individuals in a person-centered environment. Since you have taken on the new position, the individuals have felt heard and are happy. There have been many open shifts; you have stepped up and have worked multiple doubles to assure help is there to meet the needs of the individuals. You have expressed that you are present for them. You have also expressed during discussions and in your presentation at Ludden that the individuals that live at Ludden are first and foremost your priority, and you will do what it takes to assure that they are happy, safe, and get the respect and dignity they deserve. Thank you, Lisa, for being a role model, a leader, and a manager.

Thank you for all you do Lisa!