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Phoenix Announces August Manager of the Month

Program Manager Kim Guderjan from Chaparral House impressed us this month.

All the wonderful things Kim does for Chaparral, the manly man home or boys will be boys home.  Wrestling, loud voices, kindness, and fun is what you will find every day at Chaparral home. For many months  during the pandemic, they were all missing one man with the deepest voice. Kim kept in contact with the family during the duration of his leave. Keeping in contact with families at all hours of the day in every message format, even if the family doesn’t agree with each other. Kim does this with such ease. Attempting to keep her budget intact, she works the floor any day or time of the week, but it never conflicts with her manager duties. We recognize all your efforts as a Program Manager, other titles should include: referee, coach, advocate, cheerleader, substitute mom-dad (during the pandemic, parents were not able to give the hugs, smiles and nurturing these boys get on a daily basis), and friend. With all these titles, she supports her team and they support her. Way to go Team Chaparral and Kim!

Thank you for your leadership at Chaparral House, Kim!