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Manager Appreciation Week Comes to a Close

We finish up the week thanking managers from our Clinton, Howard, Eric's, and Western homes.

This week we gave thanks for all our managers here at The Phoenix Residence! We are so grateful for each and everyone of you!! Thank you for being a part of the Phoenix family! 

Tanazia Morehead – Clinton House

We sure are lucky to have Tanazia as our Program Manager at Clinton House! Tanazia joined Phoenix as a DSP at Clinton House in 2017, eventually  transitioning over to Program Manager in early 2020.

She is great at meeting the needs of her individuals at the home and is very accommodating to all her staff.  She is very calm, cool and collected—which are excellent traits to have as a manager! She takes things in stride and she’ll do whatever she needs to make sure everything is taken care of.

“Tanazia is an excellent manager. She’s a lovely person and I am happy to be around her,” said Direct Support Professional Ola Afolabi. “She is very hardworking…and always makes sure everyone is safe.”

She doesn’t ask for help often, but when she does, she’s dedicated to solving the problem. If you need her help, she’s always quick to respond and more than willing to help. “Tanazia is truly a great person. The love she has for her [work] and the residents is really amazing,” said Direct Support Professional Linda Dhanda. “She is really good at taking charge if you need something, and…if you don't know something, she’s going find out [the answer].”

Thank you Tanazia for all you do for Phoenix!

Donshay Hardy – Howard House

Donshay is fairly new to Phoenix, but is already a great addition to Howard House! Joining us this year, she brings a new sense of energy to the house and is settling into her position very well. She is great at supporting the staff and individuals at the home—making sure they have what they need. She is also excellent at staying on top of things that need to get done.

“She a great manager. She is very outgoing…with a very professional and good attitude,” said Direct Support Professional Thekeisha Thomas. “She has a great spirit, always happy. And keeps a smile on her face. If a staff is having a hard day or dealing with something, Donshay knows how to make your day better."

Clearly, Donshay has already built good relationships already with everyone at Howard House. “She engages in activities with residents and is willing to listen…she is a great person with a good heart and great intentions,” Thekeisha Thomas concludes.

Thank you Donshay for all you do for us! We are so glad you are here!

Debbie Willis – Western House

Debbie started as a housekeeper on Green Unit at the "Big House" in 1995. Since then, she has spread her wings at Western House as a DSP and now  is a House Supervisor. Debbie has also taken on the responsibility of some of the manager duties at Western House with Program Manager Malorie Lorentz. 

“Debbie has always had a special connection with the individuals we serve through The Phoenix Residence,” said Assistant Program Manager Shawna Zechmeister. “I remember taking guys with Debbie on many different outings throughout the years, both as a housekeeper and a DSP.”

Debbie helps the individuals advocate for what they want—from the gentleman who wanted to dye his hair and paint his nails to the guy that wants to retire and stay home. Debbie always stays in contact with family members, guardians, and the day programs of any developments. Debbie is great at taking the guys out and doing what they want to do. She also assures that their home is always clean and well-staffed. 

When Debbie is around, you always see smiles on the individuals’ faces. “I remember the smile Gary Cavegn had on his face when she entered the room…he would greet her with a smile and an eskimo kiss,” recalled Shawna Zechmeister.

Thank you Debbie for all the years you’ve spent with us at Phoenix!

Dede Muimba – Eric's House

Dede is the life of the party! Every time Dede is around, you can't help but laugh. She lights up any room she enters and bring energy to the room! You can't help but smile when she's around. Dede started at Phoenix as a DSP at Eric's House in 2014, and no more than nine months later, she was promoted to manager by the end of 2014.

Dede goes above and beyond for the gals at her home. What makes Eric’s House special is that it is our only all-female home, and Dede certainly has built a special bond with those gals. Dede goes out of her way to plan fun activities for the gals, everything from spa days to dance parties to many concerts over the years—and she even joins in on the dance fun! Every year, she helps the gals fundraise so they can take a special trip. In the past, they’ve gone up north, to South Dakota, and even on a train ride in the fall.

She’s helped plan our fundraisers over the years, organization wide and for Eric’s House. A few years back, she and the gals hosted a garage sale to help raise funds for the house. Lately, she’s taken on more nursing duties at Phoenix, but still helps manage everything at Eric’s House. Dede has gone above and beyond, and we can’t thank her enough for all she does for Eric’s House! 

Thank you Dede for everything! You truly are one of a kind!

Thank you to all of our managers for everything you do! We truly appreciate you!