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Manager Appreciation Week Comes to a Close

We’ll finish out this week with a tribute to our remaining Program Manager and Assistant Program Directors (APD).

This week we gave thanks for all our managers here at The Phoenix Residence! We are so grateful for each and everyone of you!! Thank you for being a part of the Phoenix family! 

Britain Olson - Float Assistant Program Director

Although she is fairly new—being a part of the wave of APDs we hired this year—Britain has stepped right up to the task! She started here in May, but  she’s already provided the valuable help and resources we needed. As part of her position, she floats around to different homes and helps out wherever is need – most recently, being Howard House.

She is eager to learn and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. When she sets her mind to something, she is determined to finish it! One of her most attractive qualities is her enthusiasm in everything she does. Within her first few weeks, she was already participating in manager meetings and actively reaching out to volunteer at our Golf Tournament!

Recently, Britain has been working at Howard House as the interim manager. While there, she’s gotten to know the individuals pretty well, including Michelle who lives at Howard House. Britain knows Michelle loves going on outings, including to a Minnesota Twins game, Dairy Queen, and the Minnesota State Fair this month. With this in mind, Britain wanted to do something special with her, so she spent time with Michelle shopping online for some new fall clothes. And the best part of it all? Michelle always says, "I love you and thank you!"

Thank you, Britain, for stepping right up and making these special moments happen for everyone at Howard House!

Hilda Momanyi - Assistant Program Director

Hilda joined us in April of this year, as part of the wave of APDs we hired—and we are so glad to have her here! She oversees our Foss, Howard & Furness homes and is doing such an amazing job! She will take charge when needed, but also knows how to have fun as well!

And along the way, she’s built some sincere relationships with those she works with, including fellow Assistant Program Director Britain Olson, and Program Managers Michelle Tinsley and Shirlena Wilson. In fact, just the other day, they all went out to lunch to celebrate Manager Appreciation Week, as pictured here.

But it’s not only the staff, she’s built good connections with—it’s also with the individuals she cares for, like Alice from Foss House. One of her favorite activities to do with Alice is painting and making crafts. Hilda remarked that one of her favorite things about Alice is “she will always recognize my presence when I get to the house. She has to say hello and hold my hand.”

As you can see, she’s certainly making an impact on the East side of town. Thank you for everything you do for us at Phoenix, Hilda!

DeMarcus Taylor - Lydia House

Finally, we’d like to finish out the week by recognizing Program Manager DeMarcus Taylor from Lydia House! 

DeMarcus is certainly a familiar face around here. He’s been here for almost a decade, and we are so glad to have him leading our Lydia home! DeMarcus first got his start at Phoenix in 2013 as House Supervisor at Newport House. A couple years later, he transitioned to Program Manager at Lydia House and has been there ever since!

Demarcus is truly one of the friendliest people you will ever meet; he gets along with everyone! He is always so calm and collected and doesn’t get worked up easily—which is a great quality to have as a manager. He’s always available for questions, even if he’s busy. And if he doesn’t know an answer, he’ll make sure to find it for you!

Over the years, he’s built excellent relationships with family members and vendors we work with. We’ve received excellent feedback from family members about the top-notch care he provides, his excellent communication skills, and how patient he was when their loved one moved into Phoenix. As our doctor, Dr. Rossmiller concluded, “You hit a gold mine with him!”

Thank you for all you do at Lydia House, DeMarcus!

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