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The Celebration of Our Managers Continues

Today we honor the managers from our Caswell, Centerville, English, Ludden, and Viking homes.

Please join me in thanking several of our managers from our north and northwest groups. First up, Program Manager Tiffany Wright from Caswell House!

Tiffany Wright - Caswell House

Ever since Tiffany was hired in 2016, she was very eager to participate in any Phoenix activity she could! She joined Phoenix in 2016 as a Direct  Support Professional at Caswell House. A few years later, became Program Manager of the house in 2019. Pre-COVID, she and the Caswell folks loved attending music therapy and our annual Made in the Shade 5K walk.

In the last year, she’s built an incredible bond with all those who live at Caswell House! She loves special moments like these with Amber. Here’s Tiffany explaining in her own words the relationship she’s built with Amber:

“I’ve been working with Amber for the 6 years. She has a smile and a laugh that brightens the whole room. In this instance, she was pointing at the camera and saying me and you.”

Thank you, Tiffany, for bringing a smile to all the faces at Caswell House!

Sandy Gustafson - Centerville House

Sandy joined Phoenix in 2017 as a Direct Support Professional at Centerville House, and eventually transitioned into Program Manager of the home in 2020.

Sandy has been a wonderful addition to our management team here at Phoenix and has done an excellent job at helping people grow both personally and professionally. Take Larry for example. “I’ve known Larry for quite a long time. When he moved in, I helped the staff learn about him...Larry came from Cambridge and had a rough start when he first came to Centerville. He was very behavioral at [the time].”

But over time and with Sandy’s help, Larry has made so much improvement! “Now he is so relaxed and low key. He’s [learned] to make relationships and friendships with people who have lived in the house for as long as [he has]. With the stability and care [of the home], he’s turned into a really relaxed and cool guy.”

It just goes to show you that hard work and persistence can pay off! Thank you, Sandy, for providing that stability at Centerville House!

Shelley Peltier - English Hous

We’d like to give thanks to one of our managers who has been with us the longest – Program Manager Shelley Peltier of English House! Shelley started  with Phoenix in 1993 as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at Furness House. From there, she switched over to English House as a DSP and eventually became the House Supervisor. Last year, she took over as Program Manager at English House, when the previous Program Manager retired after 40 years. And we are so glad she did!

Shelley doesn’t like to be in the limelight, but we always know she’s doing an excellent job at everything she does!

Not only does she excel at planning activities for English House, but she will coordinate programs for the entire organization! She helps us secure tickets to the Minnesota State Fair, organizes music therapy, helps fundraise for the folks at English House so they can attend camp, and does an excellent job at raising donations for our annual 5K Made in the Shade walk—all of which go above and beyond her manager position.

Thank you, Shelley, for going providing amazing opportunities for everyone here at Phoenix!

Lisa Plaster - Ludden House

 Lisa joined us as Direct Support Professional of Ludden House in 2020, but quickly moved up the ranks and became Program Manager of the house in 2021.

She is a quick learner and strong advocate for those she works with! She truly wants to see people succeed—and she’ll do whatever she can to help them get there! Take for example, her leadership skills. Last year, when we were transitioning between managers at Furness House, Lisa jumped right in and became the interim program manager of that house until we found the right person. Once we hired someone, she worked tirelessly to get them all trained in, before returning back to Ludden House.

Closer to home, Lisa has a been a strong advocate for Curt who lives at Ludden House. Curt moved in February 9, 2022. Lisa shared that they’ve been walking every day since the spring. They walk about a mile a day around the neighborhood, whether that be down to the park or the gas station. “He is one driven young individual that likes to be outside,” said Lisa. “Any chance he can, he asks me to go for a walk.”

Thank you, Lisa, for being a great motivator for everyone at Ludden House!

Veronica Keys - Viking House

Veronica has grown to be such a strong leader over the years! She’s been so adaptable, working in several homes and positions over the years. She  joined us in 2018 as House Supervisor at Howard House. She worked as Program Manager of the house for a bit, before transitioning over to a Direct Support Professional role at Viking House. Eventually, she became Program Manager of the house in 2021. And she’s shined ever since, continuing to build upon her relationships with those who live at Viking House.

A Recent Favorite Memory of Veronica’s:

“Hung came home and expressed he made something at PAI. I asked what it was. He pulled it out of his bag and asked if I needed something to put my paper clips in. I said yes. It’s a glass star painted green. I like it because he did it. Since I have been Program Manager, Hung has done a lot of projects by himself. I remember for Halloween one year, staff helped Hung carve his first pumpkin. The excitement on his face said it all.”

Thank you for being a strong leader at Viking House, Veronica!

Thank you to all of you for everything you do!