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Leadership Update

Read more about all our new supervisors! 

We’ve had a lot of new faces around here this year, so we wanted to send you a list of all our current supervisors. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you!! 

Program Director: Kim Phillips

South East Group - Carver, Douglas, Newport:
Assistant Program Director: Shielika Thompson

Carver: George Winston
Douglas: Ashley Sharp & Zockinna Bell
Newport: Nakia Hammond & Hayley Johnson

East Group: Foss, Furness, Howard:
Assistant Program Director: Hilda Momanyi

Foss: Lakeshia Uting & Roberta Malcom
Furness: Shirlena Wilson
Howard: Mat Beconovich & Amanda Simington   

North Group: Caswell, Centerville, English:
Assistant Program Director: Kim Guderjan*

Caswell: Ron Soman
Centerville: Sandy Gustafson
English: Shelley Peltier

*Kim will continue to be Program Manager for Chaparral House 

North West Group: Janet Court, Ludden, Viking:
Assistant Program Director: Shawna Zechmeister

Janet Court: Chrishonda Richardson & Edwin Fahnbulleh
Ludden: Lisa Plater & Renee Mattson
Viking: Veronica Keys

Waiver Homes: Clinton, Drexel Court, Eric’s, Lydia, Suburban, Western
Assistant Program Director: Jen Gottschling

Clinton: Tanazia Morehead
Drexel Court: Patty Caughron
Eric’s: Eucharia Sike
Lydia: DeMarcus Taylor
Suburban: Michelle Tinsley
Western: Debbie Willis & Tamarra Howell