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Phoenix Awards October Leader of the Month

Community Living Coach Laura Carr recognized as Leader of the Month.

It is my pleasure to nominate Laura Carr as Leader of the Month for many reasons. On my first day, Laura sent me an S-Comm welcoming me and sending me some forms that she thought would be useful—for no other reason than she is Laura. Recently, I have been a part of opening the Afton program. Laura went out of her way on multiple different occasions to help me out with things that I didn’t even think of. I accused Jon of having her reach out to me, but he did not. She only reached out because she was thinking of me and how she could help. There were times when I would get a call from Laura at 5:30 in the evening, offering to complete programs or data entry on Therap.

Laura has also been more than willing to be a friend and listen to me vent when I am stressed. I know that all her managers would testify to that as well. She is a great support and even better mentor, but most importantly, a friend when you need one the most. I am grateful to have Laura as a coworker, and I am not sure what I would have done without her these last few months.

I appreciate the hard work and passion that Laura gives every day in all aspects of her job. Laura embodies what it means to be a PRI employee every day, and she does so with an ease and grace that shows not only how much she belongs here, but also how much we need her.

Thank you Laura Carr for everything you do!