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Phoenix Recognizes June Leaders of the Month

Program Managers Kaylee Larson and Shawna Zechmeister received the honors for June Leaders of the Month.

This month, we awarded two wonderful staff members for Leader of the Month.

Kaylee Larson

I’ve only been with Phoenix for around 90 days, and since starting, I have learned a lot about the current residents and the history of the company. Since I office out of Douglas, I have learned a lot about a lot about Douglas House and what they have gone through over the last few years. Kaylee, as the manager at Douglas, has gone through three deaths and moving in three new individuals. Most recently, Kaylee planned a funeral for an individual that passed away. This individual did not have family that was active in his life. Kaylee took on all responsibility for his funeral and helped all the staff and friends get through this difficult time.

Within a few weeks after this individual’s passing, there were people interested in touring Douglas to move in. Although still grieving the loss of an important person at Douglas, Kaylee put a smile on her face and gave several tours. She did not skip a beat the entire time. Kaylee always has a smile on her face, even during difficult times. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are at Douglas, when Kaylee is around. No matter what is going on at the house or if she is having a bad day, Kaylee greets everyone with such enthusiasm. Kaylee is respected by her Support Professional staff and the individuals at Douglas love her. Kaylee is always willing to adjust her schedule to meet the needs of the program, and goes out of her way to take the residents on outings, even on the weekends. Kaylee takes pride in her job and cares about everyone at Douglas. She has also taken the time to teach me some of the ins and outs of Phoenix, even with her busy schedule. Kaylee is an asset to have on the Phoenix leadership team and I am happy to nominate her for Leader of the Month! Thank you Kaylee for all you do for The Phoenix Residence!

Shawna Zechmeister

Shawna has gone through several losses throughout the year, and despite the grief that she has gone through, she remained extremely professional and kept a brave smile on her face, encouraging staff and helping the individuals through the grief process. I was truly impressed with how she spoke to the individuals and comforted them during the funerals. She has accepted change and welcomed the new individuals into Ludden with open arms, being extremely flexible and understanding of the new personalities, new relationships, and new families. She has truly made them feel at home and helped create a fun and exciting place to live for them. On top of all the change and working extra shifts, she has trained many new staff, which is also a stressful and difficult task. She is well on her way to building a spectacular team! I appreciate you so much. Your hard work, dedication to the individuals, and big heart do not go unnoticed. Thank you Shawna for all you do for The Phoenix Residence!

Thank you both for your leadership and commitment to The Phoenix Residence!