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Several Team Members Recognized This Month

This month, we awarded several staff members for their outstanding work: One Manager of the Month and several Employees of the Month, including a whole team.

Manager of the Month

Veronica Keys - Viking House

"Through the staffing crisis and Covid, Veronica continues to stay positive and assure that the house is well-staffed, and the environment stays as comfortable and welcoming as possible. There are many shifts that need coverage in a day, and Veronica assures that the shift(s) are covered by herself or another staff. Even with the staffing crisis, Veronica and her team make time to do activities in the home and provide 1:1 time with the individuals. Veronica assures that the individuals’ daily lives are not affected by the daily crisis that is going around them. Veronica not only covers the open shifts, but at times, she has worked long shifts and taken individuals to their medical appointments. Veronica tries her best to assure that nothing gets in the way to provide normalcy for the individuals at Viking. When Veronica finally leaves for the day or has an opportunity to take a day off, the individuals look for her as they are so used to her being there all the time. Thank you, Veronica, for the dedication you bring forth for the individuals who live at Viking House!"     

Employees of the Month

Nakia Hammond - Newport House 

"I would like to nominate Nakia Hammond as Employee of the Month. Newport House does not have a manager currently. I am not sure what I would do without Nakia working at the house. She has been my “saving grace,” and in turn, Phoenix’s saving grace. Nakia keeps tabs on all the medical appointments.  She coordinates staffing for the appointments and keeps me and families in the loop. She orders supplies for the home and lets me know when things are low that the home needs, including OTC medications. She looks at staffing and assures that we are aware of gaps. She often picks up shifts to cover the gaps. She communicates with families about everything. Nakia takes a person who lives at Newport out for lunch or shopping each Wednesday, and this person really looks forward to that special 1:1 time. Nakia even alerts me when more money is needed for those activities. But my favorite thing Nakia did was post Christmas pictures on the Phoenix Facebook page. I am sure families were touched to see what looked like a great Christmas morning for the individuals at Newport House. I am just so grateful for Nakia and all she does to help me keep things on track at Newport. Thank you Nakia!"

Centerville Team

 "I would like to nominate the whole team here at Centerville. They all have been going above their expected job duties. We have had a lot of hospitalizations this past month, and if not for the quick-thinking staff here, there could have been some very serious outcomes. There have been many medical changes this month, also two positive Covid cases, and they all have just stepped up and asked what they could do to help. We have an amazing team here at Centerville. Thank you to Jimmy Lessard, Heidi Phillips, Zenitha Cheatham, Victoria Diggs, Constance Inarumen, Melissa Beaudry, Amina Saleban, James Harris, and Patrick Hiland."

Thank you all for everything you are doing!