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Carver Says Goodbye to Its Own

One Individual’s Journey from Phoenix to His Own Place

Friends and staff members from Carver House held a going-away party for Greg at a local bowling alley last week. Adorned with party hats and bowling balls, guests surprised Greg, who is embarking on a new journey into his own apartment.

For Greg, it’s more than just a roof over his head—it’s life changing. Not only did he gain independence, but his confidence skyrocketed as well. “As things shifted to my care, I took cues from the work Joel had begun with him and saw him reach for the stars. He took the tools I was working on with him and begin to use them. He wanted to do well in everything he was involved in!” said Carver House Program Manager Lauren Velasco.

Greg moved to Phoenix nearly two years ago, but his road to happiness hasn’t come without its challenges. After years of living in foster care, Greg was ready to move into his own home. When he first came to Phoenix, he lived at our Newport home, but that just wasn’t the right fit. When an opening at Carver House arose last September, Greg was the first to jump on it. And he hasn’t looked back since. He immediately felt safe and secure in his new home.

Whether he’s bowling or building car models, his personality shines through. “He loves giving a hard time to the people that he cares about and he also loves receiving it back,” said Program Enhancement Coordinator Joel Nelson. One of his favorite activities was going to the Monster Truck Rally in December. “You could just see his eyes light up, he was so happy,” Velasco said.

And others noticed his loving personality too. “He really shined the day we had the Rep. Ward here. He was so proud of himself and knew what an awesome job he did,” Velasco said.

The day he walked into the party, you could tell he was surprised from the look on his face. The glimmer in his eyes said it all. When he got home that night, he couldn’t stop talking about it. He was so thrilled to be the guest of honor amongst all his favorite people and favorite food (pizza).

The group celebrated all afternoon, topping the afternoon off with sentiments and well wishes for his new adventure. Thank you to all who came to the party! Best wishes to Greg in the future!

The Perfect Fit

Greg’s guardian Ronda Nelson thanked Phoenix for the wonderful care they provided him over the years.

“Lauren, I am writing to let you, the Carver team, and program directors at Phoenix [know] how pleased I was [with] the services Greg D. received at Phoenix Carver.

Greg was at Phoenix for almost two years. His first experience had some difficulties and the suggestion was made to move him to Carver House. I am so pleased to have had him move. From the day Greg and I toured and until the day he left, everyone, and I do mean everyone, did their best to make Greg’s placement be successful. It was challenging at times, to be sure, but I had no concerns that people didn’t have Greg’s best interest at heart.

Over the course of Greg’s time at Phoenix, I had many insightful discussions with Joel Nelson. We brainstormed plans of action. I believe it was Joel’s communication with myself and staff that helped Greg be so successful. And that set up [Lauren’s] time with him to continue that success.

I have nothing but praise and respect for everyone and all their hard work and commitment to not only Greg, but the other individuals living at Carver. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you all.”