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Phoenix Recognizes Two Staff Members for Leader of the Month in February

This month the award goes to Cathy Darby and Ther Yang.

This month, we awarded two wonderful staff members for Leader of the Month.

Cathy Darby

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, always about the goal.” 

 This says it all about Cathy Darby. She always has true confidence in her team and has molded them to be successful in all they do. Cathy makes it look easy to be a boss that is not only fair and kind, but effective in managing things when they can be chaotic and difficult. She is very effective in her communication with the staff and the individuals, and always has their best interest at heart. Cathy is always willing to help out whenever needed and has such a positive attitude when doing so. She enriches the lives of not only the individuals at Janet Court, but all of the individuals at Phoenix. She always takes the time to get to know everyone and always makes them smile and laugh, even if they are having a great day, she makes it even better!

Her willingness to be one of the key leaders of the Recreation Committee has benefited so many. She puts on a great show and makes sure everyone is having a great time at all the events. Phoenix is truly blessed for her work and dedication to her staff, individuals and coworkers. I am proud to be her coach (even though sometimes she coaches me), and proud of her spectacular team!  Cathy, we appreciate you and all that you are! Thank you for everything you do!

Ther Yang

Ther Yang is a walking example of what is means to be a respectful member of our team.  Ther is able to help effectively communicate job standards and expectations, but does so in a manner that leaves a person feeling valued and wanting to reach their potential. People feel cared about! Ther is also never afraid to ask the questions others might be reluctant to ask. He thinks outside the box when problem solving. Ther has a such a gentle spirit, and the compassion he shows for everyone is a model for us all. Ther, we appreciate you! Thank you for all you do for Phoenix!

Thank you to you both for all of you for The Phoenix Residence!