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Phoenix Announces Outstanding Staff This Month

This month, we recognized staff from our Foss, Viking, and Douglas homes.

Employees of the Month

Isis May - Foss House

"An individual at Foss House had a choking incident. Isis jumped into action! She performed the Heimlich to dislodge the food, and after called the paramedics to have him evaluated. The nurse was in a meeting and by the time she stepped out of her meeting, Isis had handled it! Maryan said she did a great job! Michael in Maintenance made a point of telling me how impressed he was watching Isis address the crisis so quickly and calmly. Outside of Isis handling this situation, her managers say she is amazing with the people who live at Foss. She is always willing to jump in and help, she picks up any shifts she can to assist the house, and her personality is just a fun day brightener! Thanks Isis for all you do for Phoenix! We appreciate you so much!"

Latoya Blount - Viking House

"I would like to nominate Latoya Blount for Employee of the Month. A couple of weeks ago while on call, it was the coldest temps we had all winter, even Uber temporarily shut down. Latoya was going to take a bus and walk 30 minutes to get to Viking House. That is dedication! Although Uber eventually came through.

That same weekend, I got the privilege to work side-by-side with Layoya. She is very knowledgeable in her position, answered all my questions, and had such a great relationship with all the individuals. I was very impressed with Latoya’s hard work and dedication. She needs to be celebrated, recognized, and honored. Latoya, you are a very valuable member of The Phoenix Residence. I personally would like to say thank you! Thank you for your loving, dedicated approach to all the individuals you serve."

Manager of the Month

Ashley Sharp - Douglas House 

"I would like to nominate Ashley Sharp for Manager of the Month. Ashley has a kind, friendly and welcoming demeanor that she brings with her wherever she goes. She has been  regularly attending manager training and always brings great questions to the table. Whenever she has new staff to train at Douglas, she is there on their first day with her warm and open demeanor and commits to making sure they feel welcomed at Douglas House. She is a prompt and helpful communicator, which is helpful for all the requests she has from many departments at Phoenix. 

Lately, Ashley made the effort to reach out to reserve staff and make sure that they had the opportunity to fill open shifts on the schedule, and this way, she was able to connect with some reserve staff who hadn’t been out at Douglas in a while. When something went wrong with the equipment of one of the people she serves, Ashley did a thorough investigation of how the problem came about and came to her supervisors with a detailed plan for how to retrain staff and how to avoid the problem in the future.

When I came onboard with Phoenix in November 2021, Ashley was the first manager to invite me to meet her out at her house. It’s very clear that she cares deeply for the people who live at Douglas. If you ask Bill at Douglas, “She works really hard, she has a good attitude, she gives me a hug every day. She’s funny in the mornings – she’s a riot!”

Thank you to all of you for everything you do!