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Phoenix Celebrates Monthly Awards

Our manager at Ludden House and an employee at Carver House earned top recognition this month.

Manager of the Month

Lisa Plaster - Ludden House

"Lisa is a go getter; she helps wherever she is needed. She has helped at Janet Court to hang out with individuals until someone else could come to the site. Lisa has taken on-call for multiple managers at the same time. She has gone out to other sites to help with surveys and has made herself available to train other staff/managers. Lisa is someone who others can call on for help in just about any situation from taking individuals to the hospital, to picking them up from their programs and covering last-minute shifts outside of her site. Lisa always expresses, “you need me, I’m there.” Lisa also works many shifts at Ludden House, and assures she is available to help out her staff and make sure the individuals receive the best treatment they deserve. The individuals feel comfortable with Lisa and often visit her when she is in her office. They know that if they have any concerns, they can always talk to Lisa. The individuals often call Lisa from their personal phones if she hasn’t been at the house to see how she is and when she’s coming in next. Lisa also takes the time to help out her staff and recognizes when they are struggling. She encourages their vulnerabilities to come out and takes the time to train them in many styles to meet their needs until they understand. 

Thank you, Lisa, for everything you do for your team, the individuals at Ludden, and for the support you provide within The Phoenix Residence."

Employee of the Month

Salom Abdule - Carver House

"I’m recognizing Salom this month for her attention to detail. On several instances, Salom has identified extra projects independently to do within the home (sterilizing resident toys and mop heads & preparing foods for program lunch offerings). With Jackie, Salom takes extra time during her ON mornings to pick out hair accessories and jewelry that she enjoys wearing to program. Jackie just beams leaving the house with all her “bling.” Salom always jumps into action upon arrival for her shifts. She never complains about the tasks at hand. During inclement weather, Salom prepares ahead of time to ensure she gets to work on time, if not early. Guardians have mentioned on several occasions that Salom is always so welcoming and positive."

Thank you Lisa & Salom for all you do!