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Phoenix Recognizes Top Staff This Month

This month, we recognized several staff members for their outstanding work: our manager at Afton House and our staff at Viking House.

Manager of the Month - Carol Metzger

Carol has been working with The Phoenix Residence for several years as a Direct Support Professional at a few of our Phoenix locations. When the manager position opened up at Afton, we asked her to assist in some of the managerial duties at the home and then she transitioned into the Program Manager role.  She has always been the person to try something new, and always gives her best effort and offers suggestions for change. Afton is a very busy home with people and agencies coming and going with the medically complex routines. The family members adore Carol and love the welcoming approach of everyday life their loved ones have at Afton. They really are living their best life! We appreciate all that she does. We are all are so grateful for Carol and her Afton team.

Employees of the Month - Staff at Viking House

Catherine Sobota

Thank you, Catherine, for the hard work and dedication. You always have a positive attitude and try to make every day positive for the individuals you work with. Your person-centeredness does not go unnoticed. During this time of Covid, we have had a need for staff to work extra hours; you jumped right in without a pause. Thank you, Catherine, for supporting the individuals and working the long hours and on multiple days. Your dedication to Phoenix is exceptional and is appreciated so much!

D’Mya Morris

Thank you D’Mya for all your hard work. You are constantly on the move, whether it is to shovel snow, clean the house, cook a meal, or assist an individual. Thank you for being flexible and picking up the extra shifts during the difficult time of COVID. You have been part of the Viking team for a short time and you would never guess that your training had just ended. Your teamwork and dedication to the individuals is wonderful to see. Thank you for everything you do at Viking and for the individuals you serve.

Vernisha Brown

Thank you Vernisha for stepping up and being so open to covering additional shifts so soon after your training at Viking. During these hard times of staff shortage and Covid, it is greatly appreciated. Your positive attitude and your flexibility during these difficult times does not go unnoticed. Thank you for being part of the Viking team and supporting the individuals during this time.

Veronica Keys

Thank you, Veronica, for the hard work and flexibility during this time of COVID. You always offer your help whenever you are available. Veronica, thank you for jumping in and covering open shifts and splitting shifts with your coworker to assure that the hours are covered, so the individuals have some familiar faces in their home while they go through this difficult time. In a place they call their home, they should feel safe and comfortable. Your dedication and flexibility are very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for making Phoenix a better place!