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Phoenix Announces Employees of the Year 2021

We had so many incredible nominations, but here's who stood out above the rest!

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you our 2021 Employees of the Year! If you work with or see any of these staff members around, be sure to congratulate them!

DSPs:  1.) Todd Schmitz – Afton House 

"I would like to nominate Todd Schmitz for Employee of the Year...Todd is a Godsend to Afton House and Phoenix. Todd is constantly picking up additional shifts, asking questions, offering suggestions, is extremely reliable, and is a great communicator. Throughout this past year, and every year, Todd continues to impress with his work ethic, his reliability, accountability, compassion, and integrity. Todd never gets involved in negative gossip and is always looking for ways to include others (both staff and residents). Todd is also the Nick expert and has become that by taking it upon himself to learn everything he can about Nick and really fine-tuning his relationship with him."

2.) Laurie Case – Chaparral House

 "I would like to nominate a staff from our Chaparral location. Laurie Case, a DSP, because of her reliability, kindness, and generosity...She is always willing to cover a shift if you are feeling sick or have a conflict and is truly the most pleasant person I have worked with in my life. The residents at Chaparral House absolutely love her, and they light up when she walks through the door. Laurie is also an excellent worker, keeping our house clean and organized every day, and is always willing to do more than is expected of her, for no recognition or praise."

3.) James Lessard – Centerville House 

"I would like to nominate James Lessard for the DSP of the Year. He has been here almost two years and he is never late and had missed one day. He is amazing with the residents and they love him. He goes above his job description daily and is an amazing team player. All of the staff here love him as well. He will do anything to help out. He has bonded with two residents especially. He jokes with them every morning and to hear them giggling is so infectious. His attitude is contagious. The bus drivers love him as well he is always helping with the loading, making sure it goes as smoothly as possible for our folks. He will do whatever is asked of him no questions asked. He is limited to how many hours he can work, but is here every day M-F, and I know when he is here that everything will be done."

 4.) Wasiu "Bayo" Adebayo – Carver House  

"My candidate is Wasiu Adebayo, a Carver House employee. Bayo, I feel, is Phoenix's best employee. He actually has a gold heart, and he is a wonderful person. He cares for the inhabitants as if they were his own children and relatives. He never said "I'm weary" when I or another employee requested for help. With a smile on his face, he assists us without hesitation. When people stay on the job for a long time, they become bored or careless, but Bayo has been with this company for 18 years and his goodwill to the inhabitants and staff persists."

Manager: Karen Miller – Carver House 

"Several years ago, as an organization, we envisioned the need for a specialized atmosphere and development of an Autism program, with employees who were specialized in the care needs for individuals who live with Autism...In stepped Karen, who has made our dreams of an Autism program become a reality. She and her husband created a sensory room that could be in a magazine for parents to help emulate. Everywhere you go there is a place for someone to enjoy, relax or create."

"She’s always coming up with fun new ideas, and she excels at keeping the leadership team updated with weekly updates and photos from the week. If I reach out to the managers for assistance or feedback with something, Karen is always the first to respond—and she does it with so much enthusiasm! I know I can always count on Karen!"

Support Staff: Maryan Connell – Nursing Team

"Maryan has been extraordinary during these most difficult of times...Maryan has filled thousands of medications into medisets for the Viking and Ludden home every week (Foss for a few months too). She has trained numerous, more than 50 direct support professionals...24 hours a day at both the Viking and Ludden homes, as well as Foss and Janet Court. Numerous med pass observations and specialized medical protocols...She managed several COVID-positive individuals within the homes in the last year. She continues to provide exceptional care for nursing services for all. Hundreds of phone calls with employees, peers, vendors, physicians, hospitals with the utmost professionalism and sincerity much to the relief of the person she is responding to."

Phoenix Service Corporation Staff: Elizabeth Larson 
(our sister company)

"Elizabeth Larson deserves the Employee of the Year for PSC.  Liz is dedicated caring and compassionate when it comes to serving her caseload. Liz also takes care of the PSC office and organizes the cars, their maintenance, and ordering all of the supplies for the PSC office, which allows all of us here at PSC to have the supplies we need to do our jobs. Liz gives us an opportunity to be caffeinated and ready for the day; she ensures our ability to be able to fax, drive to see clients, write notes on paper and pads, send mail, and makes sure we have household supplies...I can say that Liz has a full plate, and she takes care of not just her caseload by her co-workers as well. On behalf of all of PSC, we thank you and appreciate you and all you do! We would be lost without you!"

We had so many great nominations, it was hard to narrow it down. But thank you to everyone who nominated someone!! We’d also like to recognize everyone who was nominated—that’s an achievement in itself! So throughout January, we’ll be recognizing all the staff who got nominated for these awards. Follow our Facebook page or visit our website to learn more about all the nominees.

Thank you to all our incredible staff for being a part of the Phoenix team!!