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Phoenix Recognizes Standout Employees This Month

This month, we recognized several staff members for their outstanding work: our manager at Lydia House and staff members from Afton House and Newport House.

Manager of the Month - Demarcus Taylor

I would like to nominate Demarcus Taylor for Manager of the Month! I always look forward to working with Demarcus. He is kind, courteous, and open to new ideas. Marcus has gone through many  challenges at Lydia regarding the individuals and staff, but he takes care of each challenge one by one and keeps moving on. Marcus had done a great job keeping the Lydia budget under control, even with the staffing crisis—and this is no easy task. Marcus went through his annual survey with no deficiencies and continues to work hard to make sure everything at Lydia is up to par! Thank you, Demarcus, for all your hard work and dedication! It does not go unnoticed!

Employees of the Month 

Todd Schmitz - Afton House

 Todd is an irreplaceable part of the Afton House. Often referred to as “The Nick Whisperer,” Todd always shows up ready to work and ready to help out. Todd will often pick up shifts or come in on his days off to ensure the individuals at Afton are receiving the best care. He is a wonderful resource for the staff at the house and is often the go-to person for information or questions. Todd has such a calming presence at the home, which is soothing, especially in times of chaos. With his docile demeanor and his wealth of knowledge, Todd truly is the epitome of everything you could ever want in a staff. Afton House could never repay their debt to him, but we’ll try with gratitude and always reminding him of what a pillar he is to the home! Thank you for all you do Todd!

George Winston - Newport House

George has picked up so many shifts last minute when we’re in need of help. He will drive a client to their program/appointment with no hesitation. He is a hard worker  and goes the extra mile to help when help is needed. He takes the initiative to get things done and also asks is there anything you need help with. Barb, the appointment coordinator, has also said George is a great staff. Thank you George for all you do at Newport House!

Thank you to all of you for everything you do for Phoenix!