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Phoenix Announces Outstanding Staff This Month

We had many nominations this month from around Phoenix! Learn more about them here! 

Manager of the Month 

Jen Gottschling - Float Program Manager 

"Jen Gottschling is a Float Program Manager and a shining example of the value of this position. Jen has taken on this role with initiative, flexibility and energy. Jen has assisted with most of the tours and follow-up  communication with families and case managers as we attempt to fill our open beds. As we have manager positions open, Jen steps in to provide training, oversight, communication with and between employees, families, and other team members. Staff Development has commented that Jen seeks out training materials so that she has the tools to assure new employees receive the necessary training. Jen helps cover open shifts and has her eye on the big picture. Jen assists people to the hospital and keeps the team updated. 

One of the areas where Jen has helped tremendously is helping new individuals adjust to their new home once they move to Phoenix. She is communicating with families, finding out details that help the individual feel comfortable, and supporting staff through the process. Even during challenges, Jen is calm and professional, and continues to provide person-centered services. We are so grateful to Jen for her support and dedication to Phoenix!"

Employees of the Month

Sarah Boone - Regional Support Professional (RSP)

 "Sarah Boone is an RSP who has agreed to take on additional duties, and we could not be more grateful for her assistance! Sarah is providing considerable support to Howard House to provide training, shift coverage, and management support. Howard House has had new admissions, and Sarah has helped assure individuals have the equipment they need, that staff are trained to their needs, and that overall the person feels comfortable and the transition to their new home goes smoothly. 

Staff Development commented that Sarah initiated getting all the necessary training tools for new hires to assure thorough training. Sarah is also helping another home with the annual meeting process. She jumps in when coverage is needed on the schedules and provides a great example of how to be professional and provide person-centered services. Thank you Sarah for all you are doing to support Phoenix!"

Heidi Phillips - Centerville House 

"I am nominating Heidi Phillips for Employee of the Month. She has been stepping up with making dinners and showering those in need. She has been coming in for outings in the evening to get folks out in the community. She has been a great team player for our house. Thank you for all you do Heidi!"

Sarah Hansen - Human Resources

"I’d like to nominate Sarah for Employee of the Month. As we all know, we are facing a workforce crisis, and Sarah works tirelessly to help with staff recruitment and retention by keeping new employees streaming in the door  each week. There is a lot of work that goes into getting employees set up on the front end, and Sarah takes care of it all without any of the rest of us even having to think about it. Sarah is flexible, open to creative solutions, and does what she can to work with each new employee and their unique scheduling or on-boarding needs.

Sarah is prompt and responsive. You can count on her to keep everyone updated with information needed about new hires and responds right away if there are issues that the HR Department needs to address. Sarah also has a calm and collected demeanor—that is priceless! She is upbeat and positive, even when people need a lot of extra help. She’s a great representative of Phoenix – especially for people whose first contact is with her. Even when she needs to have rough conversations (which is certainly a thing that happens in HR!), Sarah handles those interactions professionally and respectfully. 

Phoenix should definitely recognize Sarah and her hard work as we navigate the rough waters of onboarding and Human Resources during COVID and a workforce crisis. Thank you Sarah for making it look easy and for keeping the ball rolling!"

Thank you to all of you for your hard work every day!