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Several Employees Stand Out This Month

Direct Support Professionals from two of our homes received our Employee of the Month awards: Todd Schmitz from Afton House and the entire Drexel team.

Todd Schmitz - Afton House

Todd is a Godsend to Afton! Not only does he do exceptional work with the house and residents, but he makes sure to make them all feel special and important. Todd rarely complains and stays even keel. He doesn't engage in gossip and makes sure to protect the residents from it. Todd also makes it a point to keep me in the loop on anything going on in the house or anything that is needed. He picks up numerous shifts, and even though he is dead tired, he keeps pushing himself to make sure everything is taken care of in the right way. Todd is my trainer for the evening shift because I know whoever he trains will be good to go once he is finished. He is very thorough and incorporates the caring piece in everything he does. He is honest, trustworthy, reliable, funny, and easy to approach and talk to. I feel blessed to have him as a part of the Afton team!

Drexel Team

When different personalities and perspectives come together and have the same values and objectives in mind, a connection happens. That connection has got us through these past few months of  craziness, and I am forever grateful for your continued dedication to the guys at Drexel. You are very much appreciated!

Thank you to everyone for making Phoenix a better place!