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Several Employees Recognized This Month

This month, we awarded several staff members for their outstanding work, including an Assistant Program Manager, our Scheduling Coordinator, and two employees.

Managers of the Month

Britain Grainger - Assistant Program Director 

"Britain has been such an asset to Phoenix from the time she got hired and started training at Janet Court. She jumped right in to get to know everyone, was eager to learn all of the manager details, and she got to know the individuals personally. She also took the time to get to know the families at Janet Court and just took on the role of manager. She gave great input about getting activities started and made the effort to get everyone involved in them. Bringing her talents to each home has been wonderful. 

She then offered to learn all the people at Viking to help cover open shifts and did it without being asked. She’s helped each manager when they needed it. Thank you Britain for all your hard work at Phoenix!"

 Victoria Salabiu - Scheduling Coordinator

"Victoria has assisted me whenever I reach out via text or call regardless of the time. When I first started, the system was very difficult to navigate, and she was more than patient when she trained me on TimeSimplicity. Victoria also assists my team with continuous support by filling our open shifts. Victoria’s personality and work ethic is amazing. Thank you Victoria!"

Employees of the Month

Gavin Mcgelliott - Chaparral House

"I would like to nominate Gavin Mcgelliott for Employee of the Month. Gavin started at Chaparral House as a PA in August 2021, and in that time, has grown as an individual and  transitioned into a full DSP.

In just a few short months since moving on up, Gavin has become a valued employee and a staple of Chaparral House. His energy is infectious from the moment he walks through the door, and he never seems to stop moving until he punches out at the end of his shift. He helps with gardening, cleaning projects, and is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Gavin takes initiative, is always asking what more he can take on, and has the individuals' best interests at heart. They all just love him!!!

I am so grateful to have Gavin here this summer!! Angela tells me, "Gavin is one of my favorite staff." I know our time with Gavin is short-lived, as he will leave for college in mid-August. He promised he will return for breaks and holidays. There will always be room on the schedule for Gavin! This young man is going places and we are so happy he has chosen Chaparral until he moves on to bigger things. Thank you Gavin!!"

 Sarah Boone - Office Manager

"For this short period of time that I have worked with Sarah, she has demonstrated a positive attitude and acted as a positive role model. She has made us productive in our roles. She is very patient, even when we have pressing questions, and Sarah will always attend to us. I have nominated her because I feel she has touched many lives here at The Phoenix Residence, including our employees. I have never had someone who gives as much attention to detail as she does. She deserves more than this award. We love you Sarah."

Thank you everyone for your hard work every day! We couldn't do this without you!