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Phoenix Announces Outstanding Staff This Month

Our Employees of the Month came from two different houses this month - Centerville House & Drexel Court.

This month, we awarded three wonderful staff members Employee of the Month awards.

Zenitha Cheatham - Centerville House 

"I would like to nominate Zenitha for Employee of the Month. She is outstanding at her job. She knows exactly how the house is run and she trains anyone who comes in here with ease. An example of that is Kim P came in this weekend and said that Zenitha made it very easy to work. She even caught things that Kim didn’t do and gave her a friendly reminder. Kim said she did it with complete professionalism. I am always receiving praise about her competency from the Smiths and other staff members. She is hearing impaired and works harder than those who are not. Thank you Zenitha for all you do!!"

DeMarco Jones & Brady Callinan - Drexel Court

"The amount of selflessness that Drexel receives out of you does not go unseen, EVER! You are appreciated, valued, and an incredible human being. Thank you for being so flexible, so willing, so engaged, and of course, for your continued dedication to Drexel Court."

Thank you to you all for everything you do!