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The Best Supporting Staff

Nominations included staff in our nursing, maintenance, human resources, and assistant program director teams. 

We have so many good staff members here at Phoenix, but we wouldn't be able to do this without our Support Staff. Here who was nominated in this category. 

Wendy Price - Nursing 

"All though Wendy recently resigned from her position at Phoenix and went on reserve status, I think it’s worth mentioning some of the things she has done that she deserves to be recognized for. When Covid wiped out most of the staff at English, Wendy was there daily to care for the individuals. She has worked the floor before appointments to ensure staff could take much-needed time off and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She has been a tireless advocate for the individuals at all the sites she did appointments at for many, many years. She did so not only internally at Phoenix, but with their health care providers & families as well. The individuals, their families & providers all trust and respect her and recognize how thorough and efficient she is. Wendy is a role model for staff, especially during these trying times of how to be person-centered."

Dede Muimba - Nursing

"I am very pleased to put in Dede's name for best nurse. She has worked very hard to get to this point, and I myself feel blessed to be in the circle of people that are able to call her a friend as well as a coworker/manager."

 Shawn Johnson - Maintenance 

"The staff and residents at English would like to nominate Shawn Johnson as the best supporting staff Phoenix has. When Shawn enters the house, he is surrounded by the folks at English. He includes them in assisting him in any way they can. Gail loves to get out the tools and assist him and always gives him a list of what she thinks need to be fixed. Shawn is so polite and walks around with her to see her concerns. Sandy requests Pepsi from him as soon as he enters and he always has some for her. He has taken the folks with him when he can and will frequently stop for a treat with them. With the shortage of staff, he has been there to help us in many ways...He is an all-around staff, and Phoenix is very lucky to have him and so is English!"

Kim Phillips - Assistant Program Director 

"Kim deserves to be recognized for the dedication and devotion she has provided this past year. She supports not only the individuals who live at the four houses she oversees but pitches in at other sites. She supports the managers and staff at all her sites every chance she gets and is always only a phone call away and is often on the floor providing quality care with a smile. She exemplifies person-centered care and advocates for the individuals during these trying times.  She handles anything that comes her way with compassion and a positive attitude. She is passionate about her job and motivates those around her."

Sarah Hansen - Human Resources 

"Sarah’s demeanor reflects calm even when chaos is afoot. Her voice is always so welcoming and sincere."