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Phoenix Recognizes Outstanding Staff at PSC

Two staff members from our case management team were nominated for Employee of the Year at our sister company. 

Phoenix Service Corporation (PSC) has many talented employees among them, but two of them were nominated for Employee of the Year at PSC. 

Patrick Hiland

"Patrick has exceptional customer service skills and is well-liked by clients, team members, colleagues, and providers alike. He consistently offers to help in any way he can with case coverage, questions, putting together guides, and working with new case managers for shadowing or training. Patrick has valuable experience in the field and is always looking for creative ideas to problem solve any situation. He is very personable and works hard to make great connections with his clients and their team members. Patrick often has great suggestions or advice on handling difficult situations, and I always feel like I can go to him for guidance! He not only participates in case consults, but is a leader on our team and such a valuable asset to our case management team."

David Freeman 

"I would like to nominate David Freeman for Employee of the Year. David is always available to assist with questions and provide both coverage and empathetic support when dealing with new situations, and he makes transitioning into a new field of work as smooth as possible."