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English Staff Exceling at Phoenix

English House always goes above and beyond, but here's more about the staff members who make that happen.

Many staff members from English House were nominated for Employee of the Year for all the great work they are doing. Here's everyone who was nominated from English House.

Shelley Peltier

"Shelley Peltier is the manager at English House. She has done an outstanding job with all the challenges in the workforce today. She has tried to keep the house as a home for our folks. When staff have not been able to work, Shelley has been in to help cover any shift without complaining. She has also made sure that the folks are able to get out as much as possible and plans activities for them to take part in. She has volunteered to take folks to the North Shore for the day and other community activities. She has great rapport with the families, staff, and folks we serve. We feel very fortunate to have her leading the English team."

Ruthie McDuffie

 "Ruthie is dependable & dedicated. She is willing to pick up extra shifts and come in early to help out. She makes sure the house is clean and makes sure everyone’s equipment is clean & in good condition. She has a wonderful relationship with all the individuals. This year, she was willing to go work at another site temporarily to help in an emergency situation. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word!"

Amie Gustafson

"Amie has been a welcome addition to English House. She is always willing to pick up,  change her schedule, or help out wherever needed. She is dependable and always open to do whatever asked of her. She is a strong advocate and offers person-centered care to the individuals. She stays calm in difficult situations and makes sure that the individuals are always are participating in an activity. The individuals at English love going to play Bingo with her."

Mike Kubal

 "Mike is very dependable and has a great relationship with the individuals who live at English. He is an excellent cook, and the individuals look forward to his holiday meals and grilling out with him in the summer. He has a good medical background and is cool, calm and collected when emergencies happen. He is always willing to assist with appointments and other activities. He promotes independence and greets all the vendors by first name. He is the designated safety person at English and makes sure everything is running smoothly."

Ann Alberg

"Ann has worked at English for 20 years and Phoenix for 30! She is very dependable and picks up extra shifts. She is  an amazing cook and the individuals look forward to her making meals. She is very good in emergency situations by staying calm and handling whatever the situation is. She has helped train staff and has volunteered in the past to take people on vacations. She gets the individuals out and always has a smile on her face. She offers person-centered care and is a huge advocate for the people at English!"

Barb Husaby

"Barb Husaby has been a PRI employee for over 30 years. Barb has always been a great asset to the house. She has many contacts out in the communities and has used them to help the English House get many items donated. She recently secured a donation to purchase a new power bed and wheelchair scale for the house. She continues to make connections with the folks’ loved ones by sending them videos or pictures of them doing activities. She was missed by all when she was gone for a few months this summer. She assists the folks we serve to dress appropriately for the weather and for any activity they may take part in."

Danielle Mendez

"Danielle has worked for Phoenix for almost 10 years. She has worked at several sites and currently works at English  House. Danielle is always willing to pick up shifts and is a strong advocate for the individuals. She is always positive and upbeat and offers the individuals choices. She excels in person-centeredness for the folks we serve at English. Her experience with the new client moving to English has made her transition easier. She is a huge asset to the English House!"

Gaston Mondyu

"Gaston has picked up every other weekend at English for several years and the individuals just love to see him. He is dependable and is always willing to do whatever he is asked. He has helped out when we have been in pinch and always does so with a smile."

Thank you to all for taking such good care of the folks at English!!